Saturday, July 25, 2015

Oil leaks again

Even though it was just Wednesday that I last made a post, it feels longer than that.  DD is having car problems again - still with the engine leaking oil. GAH! She had quite a bit of engine work done about this time last year and still has had it in another time or two since then. She just needs this to last about 10 more months, until she finishes school and can get a job and a different car.  We have a close family friend, who owns a repair shop, who works on it. Problem is he's like an hour and a half drive on a good day (which is like rare anymore). DH doesn't think she should even drive it at this point, it's leaking so bad, so good friend said he would come to our house and see if he could figure out what it's problem is now and fix it. (he really is a nice guy and barely charges DD anything).

First, friend told DD he would come down sometime next week to look at it and see if he could fix it at our house (without it having to be towed to his place). Very nice of him. Then, he either talked to DH last night or this morning and said he'll come down Sunday instead, look at it and either have lunch or dinner with us, depending on when he got here. DD has been gone all weekend with her BF and I was pretty sure they had plans for tomorrow too. I texted her that friend was coming sometime tomorrow lunch or dinner time, not sure yet.

She was like "well, I can't be there tomorrow, I have plans" (her plans are hanging out with BF and doing some sightseeting with some of his out of town relatives). I kind of had to do a little tune up on her. I said you have a vehicle that is leaking oil really bad, driving it all the way to friends shop for an hour and a half to 2 hours could very possible seize up the engine and it would be done for. Said friend is going out of his way to come and try and fix your car and for cheap. If it were me, I'd be changing my plans so I could take care of my car.  Coordinating with friends schedule and getting her car fixed takes priorty over having some fun. Sometimes things come up and your plans have eto get changed. Then she replies back "well, it's just frustrating that the plan has changed again" and I replied, "well apparently coming down on Sunday is better for his schedule rather than making a 4 hour round trip during his work week! Plus, it's not as far for him to come from  home, as it is his repair shop". I got an "ok" reply back. I'm sure she's not happy, but that's part of being an adult and being responsible - especially when someone is offering to help you out so much!

In the old days DH would have just loaded it in our enclosed car trailer and took it to car repair friend. When son went out of our life, so did our nice enclosed car trailer (worth about $6k - long story) 2 years ago. DH has wanted to replace that car trailer for over a year. Yesterday he found a cheap, used, open wheel car trailer on Craigslist that would fit his needs. Nothing like we had, but still will work for his needs. It had good tires on it, along with a winch and equalizer hitch. He also talked the guy down $500 (he's getting better at that!). So, I pretty much reduced the savings account to buy it, but with my paycheck next Friday I will pretty much be able to replace what I took out. There's a few little things to fix on it (some wiring, etc) and that will give DH something to work on. One more thing "put back right" in some small way, after DS never returned so much of our family racing assets. Now, if it turns out friend can't fix it and needs it at his shop, DH can haul it up there.

Yesterday was my day off (gosh, I am loving these 4 day work weeks with Friday off!). I had nothing planned, so I just went and did the weekly grocery shopping. First to Target for a few things, then to Walmart for the rest. After that a stop to fill up my gas tank for next week. I didn't feel rushed either. Usually I do it Saturday mornings but always feel a bit rushed because there are still so many things to get done around the house the rest of the day.