Thursday, July 16, 2015

Apartment update

At 10:30 last night one of the girl's finally responded to DD's text that they needed to get this figured out ASAP. She had replied on Monday she needed to talk to her parents (about what DD didn't know) that night and then never replied back. Last night DD texted "what did you find out with your parents?" Finally, she replied back that her parents want to save money so she will be commuting from home next year (an hours drive) or staying at her grandparents cabin (a half hours drive) for next school year.

Oh my gosh. DD is so frustrated with these girls! She wanted to have their living situation figured out last May and both kept dragging their feet on wanting to wait and now after finally being pressed one backs out. I don't think the other girl replied back to DD yet, so not sure if they will still try to find a 2 bedroom together or not. If they are, DD is gong to make her commit and finalize on a place in the next several days, otherwise she is finding her own place.


  1. I can understand with wanting to save money, but why wouldn't the parents know how much rent would cost back in May. My dd last year had kids dropping out after the first semester (only 3 semesters) from culinary school due to parents realizing they didn't have enough money for the program. Cheryl

    1. Exactly! Actually, they've known since like March - when the girls (well DD) got all the info together on apts in the area and what they cost, security deposit amount, etc.

      DD has really just had enough of both girls, and today, she told the other girl she is just going to get a studio or 1 bedroom place on her own.