Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I hate being an IT person

So after my internet cut out 3 times in the next couple of hours, I called Comcast back. This tech (again from India) wanted to do the same thing that the first guy I talked with this morning said he did (and then we got cut off). I said he already did that and it's actually worse now. After a long hold she finally schedules me for a service tech to come out to our house........NEXT Wednesday! Are you kidding me?!

I hang up with her and call back and the system knows I now have a pending service call and routes me to talk to someone about that. I get a real US person, who gets with dispatch and after a very long hold gets me rescheduled to Saturday. He also give me a $20 credit for the wait and because the next Wednesday appointment time was an error - she scheduled it as an install and not a service call for a problem, so that's why it was so far out, it wasn't considered urgent. Still 4 more days of crappy internet and trying to work from home with it. And most likely they are just going to replace our modem. So I hop in my car and go over to the Comcast store (which conveniently is only about 2 miles away) and get a new modem and install it myself.  Since my IT guy at work has worked out the issues using VPN and the new Comcast all in one modem/routers, that wasn't going to be an issue, like last year.

I got it all hooked up and working. Everything wi-fi (all computers but DH's, ipad, iphones) all reset with that long as hell network password. We had to shut off and turn back on our security camera systems, but then they worked. The only thing I can't get working is the Amazon TV Fire Stick. It was hell trying to get it set up to work with our old router and modem. I don't have the energy tonight to work on it. It will probably take me days again to figure out all the correct advanced settings. What ever happened to plug and play?!

I logged back into work no problem with then lost internet connection again! Now that I have stayed logged off of the VPN we haven't had any problems. I'm just going to wait until tomorrow morning, when it's just me up at 6:30/7:00 and test that out again. Maybe it was just a fluke thing. I'm hoping so.

Our wi-fi internet speed is so much faster now with the new modem. From about 20mpbs to 47mpbs. So that part is really nice. Now it just has to stay connected!

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