Thursday, July 9, 2015

It's my Friday!

Thursdays are my new Fridays :)

So far so good on the new modem. No internet connectivity drops yet, so I am hoping this fixed the problem. Since we had a separate modem and router before, I suppose it could have even been the router (our equipment) that was having issues and not the modem, but with the newer Comcast all in one modem/routers, that saved me from having to go buy a new router! I can definitely tell the speed is faster and am so glad it worked with the VPN/remote log in for work with no problems. One less thing for our busy IT guy to have to deal with.

I was tired and grumpy last night, after dealing with that most of the day and was frustrated because the Amazon Fire Stick wouldn't work. It wouldn't even recognize the new network as a choice at all. I could not figure that one out. Finally, I noticed an option in the settings menu to reset it back to factory defaults. I did that and when it restarted there was our new network listed and I only had to put in the (long as hell) password and it worked. I didnt have to go through all the advanced settings like I did to get it to work with our previous network set up.  That made me happy :-)

One of the maintenance things DH is doing on his pick up is flushing the anti-freeze and putting new in. He needed 20 gallons of distilled water for this and I really did not want to have to buy 20 gallon jugs at Walmart. DD and I went to Costco, but they had no distilled water at all. Normally I HATE going there, but it was a relatively good time to go (evening, after dinner). It wasn't overly crowded and we didn't have to wait in line too long. I did pick up a couple of things. Two (larger than grocery stores) loaves of the 9 grain bread we eat, for $5.49. I'd say the loaves are about 1 1/2 the size of what I normally get, so basically 3 loaves for what I normally pay for 2. And I picked up a big tub of red vines ;) We stopped at this big warehouse/bag your own grocery store and they had distilled water in 2.5 gallon jugs, so we only had to buy 8 and not look totally ridiculous.

The weather is supposed to cool down about 10 degrees starting tomorrow. Then it will only be 80. Still hot, but I'm sure it will feel so much better around here.

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