Wednesday, July 8, 2015

just plugging along

I really can't think of anything to blog about. Blah! Not much is going on this week. I tried to call the bank that holds our home equity loan so I could get all the details of what they show as terms, etc, but the phone # I was given apparently can't really access all that information (good grief!) so she had to take my number and will have someone from the correct department call me back in the next day or two. I have a feeling I am going to have to get into storage and look through boxes for that paperwork from 5 years ago.

Our internet has been cutting out several times a day the past week or so. Sometimes it comes right back on in a minute. Other times I try a reset or two and finally it will come back on - could be up to an hour later. It's been happening about 3 times a day. I called our internet provider and most likely I will need a new modem. The tech guy on the phone did some sort of "internet update" on his end. Took my phone# while we were talking, in case we got cut off. Then when his "update" was done he asked me to do a speed test and right then we got cut off. Of course he didn't call me back to finish up and of course I lost internet for a minute an hour later.

I almost spent $100 bucks today - that I didn't really need to. So glad I came to my senses and realized I don't need 2 pair of Clarks shoes, even if it is a really good deal. I have my new summer sandals I bought a month or two ago and my tennis shoes are good, so no need for anything more right now. I did, though, spend $4 on a new t-shirt from Walmart, LOL. It's a Hanes brand and seemed pretty decent weight of cotton and a pretty lilac color.

I keep day dreaming of being retired! Just a simple little life with a little house somewhere in the mountains with  no traffic, no people and most importantly, no neighbors.  Someday we'll get there, I hope.

One more day of work this week and then my 3 day weekend. DD and I have plans Friday morning to make a trip to IKEA to look around. She wants to look at bed frames and I want to look at desks and see if they have futons.

That's about all I know. DH actually got out of the house yesterday and today for a bit, which usually helps his mood. DD went with him today. He's getting the maintenance and things done to his old pick up truck.


  1. Ha, I keep dreaming about being retired too. Some days are worse than others. I think what gets me is the long commute to and from work, that just tires me out. I spoke to my boss about working 80% and he is not up for that (I take his point) so I guess I just have to knuckle down and keep going. I'm not complaining about my employer at all as they are excellent. Just the long days. Oh well.

    And I have just finished assembling MY Ikea furniture in what has now become my library/sewing/dressing room. Lovely. Hard work getting it al done but so worth it. I guess we must be on parallel lines. Anna

    1. Thanks for commenting, Anna! Yes, some days are worse than others for wanting retired life, that's for sure. Is your work something you could work from home one day a week, to ease the commute? I'll bet your library/sewing/dressing room looks great!