Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mid week life

Today's agenda (after working from home all day) includes a trip to the motor vehicle licensing office. We are going to transfer the title of DD's car to her name.  She got it when she was 15 and of course at that time, we weren't allowed to title it in her name. Now that she's over 18, it's time to let her be the official owner.  Then a stop at Target to pick up a prescription and a loaf of bread. At 90 degrees outside again today, cooking dinner is not on my list of priorities, so I plan to just make club sandwiches and have some watermelon with it.

More good news on the work front. We had a record sales month for June, along with surpassing our sales goal for mid year. While Friday is our paid holiday, the bosses have generously said we are closing up office at noon tomorrow for the long holiday. Which means I get another day to work remotely from home, since driving in for a few hours is not worth it.

No luck on finding the folder with our home equity loan paperwork. I've looked through all the file cabinets (though I'm pretty sure it was a legal sized folder, so wouldn't be in any of those cabinets). No luck in any of the boxes of paperwork I have either. Frustrating! I really don't know where else to look. I can literally picture myself putting that envelope inside that folder of our original loan docs. There must be a box of papers somewhere that I am missing. I think there might be a couple of boxes out in the garage or shed. I'll have to see if I can even get to those (unlikely). I think at this point I am just going to call the bank back and have them tell me exactly what they show are the repayment terms on this loan. Either way it's all getting paid back - maybe just sooner than I had anticipated.

A yard maintenance company finally showed up at the foreclosed vacant house yesterday and at least got the 2 feet of weeds mowed down. Still nothing on getting the garage side door boarded up. Seriously, it would take someone a half hour.  I have a feeling I know why the bank may be just letting it sit (it's been 2 years now). For probably at least 10 years or more it has been rumored that the county has future plans to punch this street the house sits on (the street only goes to this house and the cross street in front of it) all the way through to the next cross street. I've seen it shown in county planning (like a 10 year plan). I think we've heard this is a tentative plan for as long as we've lived here (25 years). Will it ever happen? who knows, but could be why the bank is just willing to sit on it and wait and see.

DH was outside doing the yard maintenance of spraying for ants. Resident meth-head son was walking by and nodded at DH and then stopped and held out his hand and apologized for the times he he has wigged out on DH. DH got a little scuttlebutt out of him.....apparently his dad (this is the awful renter/drug dealing/drug using family) really wants to move. This neighborhood has gone to shit...(well NO SHIT!  It was a perfectly good neighborhood until you guys moved in 2 years ago!) and they need to get away from it because now his younger brother is involved with it too (we already figured that one out). They kicked the mom out again (so that is good). So, I guess there is a teeny tiny glimmer of hope that maybe they will move out..........but I'm not holding my breath.


  1. fingers, toes and everything else crossed they move SOON!!

  2. "the neighborhood has gone to shit..." to them means "too many cop visits!" Keep up calling them in - you may be wearing them down!!