Monday, July 27, 2015

Dodged a bullet

The oil leak on DD's car turned out to be an easy minor fix. It was just a ferrule fitting that had come loose on an oil line on the engine. Easy to get to and a quick 5 minute fix. Whew!!! We are all super relieved and turns out friend had other errands down in our neck of the woods so he really didn't have to come out of his way much.....and hey - now we have a car trailer we don't need! Just kidding. Though it won't get used a lot, there are definitely times it will get used and for the minimal cost we put out for it, it will get it's use. I'm also happy that DH was willing to just find something used and low priced, especially for something that won't be needed on a regular basis. We didn't need anything fancy, that's for sure.

DD ended up staying home yesterday waiting for our friend to show up to work on her car. We really had no idea what time (just sounded like afternoon) and she spent most of the morning kind of whining to me that she could go with BF and his family to take relatives sight seeing and be back by about 4:45. But they weren't even leaving until noon. I said it's going to take a lot longer than 4 hours to sight see, based on where they were going. (Plus, I know her BF and family - there was no way 8 or 9 of them were all going to be ready to leave by noon.) Finally, I just said to her "you know my feelings on this, I'm not saying anymore. It's your decision". Afterwards, she told me it was the right decision to stay home, because they didn't even leave until 1:30 and didn't get back until like after 6:30pm. Even though her car ended up being a simple fix, I think it was important that she was here - it is her car and responsibility.

We finally had some much needed rain this weekend, but back to the 80's this week. I just got an email from my boss that the office is pretty quiet this week - owners and other managers off on trips or vacation, so I'm free to work from home as much as I'd like. I told her I'd come in today, but work from home tomorrow. Sometimes I just need a break from home, haha.

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