Tuesday, May 5, 2015

They are still alive and healthy :)

The two dogs are all switched over to the new food, Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice. They both love the food and have had absolutely no problems with it. I really like that I'm giving them a better quality food AND a 40 pound bag is only $32 at our local feed store! What a savings compared to what I was spending, especially for our younger dog. It is costing me less than half of the previous food I was buying for him and it's rated higher in quality. A win all around for all of us, in my book.

It wouldn't matter what dog food you look at reviews for - a 5 star rated food or a store brand dog food - someone is going to say it made their dog sick or it killed them. I'm happy to report this new food did neither :)  I switched them both over very slowly, and one at a time, as I had their original food to use up and if they were to have any negative reaction to it, I wouldn't end up with 2 sick dogs at the same time.  I might be imagining it, but it seems our older couch potato lab even has more energy and has been running and playing more.

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