Friday, May 15, 2015

Dreaming of June 2016

Today is payday. Money in my account for a few hours overnight, LOL. But, once I got up and sat down with my cup of coffee and made the mortgage, car insurance and Care Credit payment, what's left is for food and gas. It just really dawned on me that possibly this time next year DD will be all graduated and with a job! She can start paying her own car insurance and I won't be giving her $100 a month anymore for living at school. She will also have health insurance and I won't have to pay that anymore. Most likely she will move in with her boyfriend, but if she decides to live at home for awhile, she can also chip in a bit of rent back to me. If she moves out, I'll have less food and electric costs, if she stays, I'll have some rent income.  Plus, at that same time DH's costly Crestor prescription goes generic, so I should see a huge savings per month over the $162 a month I fork out for that. Come June next year, with all the above combined, I should see about a $500 a month drop in expenses! I know we shouldn't wish the time away, but I will be counting the months! That's an extra $500 a month that can get me closer to ever being able to retire, haha!

I checked again and our house value went up another $5k! Just going by that figure we are now within a few thousand of having equity in our home. I'm also sure this value doesn't reflect the fencing, landscaping, outside painting, and inside remodels we did. Sometime next month I still plan to call a few realtors to get estimates from them and then we'll have a better idea of where we stand with our home value and an potential equity. Obviously, to sell and move, we'd need equity so we can buy something a non-drug infested neighborhood.

DD got signed up for her 2 online summer classes and her classes for next Fall. She will be taking a heavy load in Fall - 4 classes for the quarter, but she feels confident she can handle it. One class had one spot left and she was watching it all morning until her 11am registration time, but she got the last spot. Two of her classes are taught by the same professor, who is also her adviser, who she really likes. All her classes will be Monday and Wednesday with a really long day, basically from 8 am to 6pm with a 2 hour break before lunch.  I hope living off campus and having her own bedroom will allow her to have her space. She has already told the other 2 roommates that whatever apartment they get, she would like the master bedroom and will pay a little extra for it and they were both agreeable to that. 

We were texting the other day and she was saying she's excited to get things for her bathroom and bedroom. She wants a queen sized bed and wants to make a platform type of bed out of Ikea bookshelves or something similar. I said I still had the 2 bathroom mats from her bathroom here at home, that were pretty new, but didn't go with the colors once we remodeled and she could have those. She jumped right on that with a "yes, I'm all about free stuff now that I'm a broke college student" :)

Speaking of Mother/Daughter texts.....I came across the most hilarious Instagram account of a mother and daughter and their daily texts. I just laughed and laughed. Check out CrazyJewishMom on Instagram or their website


  1. yep when you are buying things, only the best will do, but when they have to pay for things themselves anything goes!!!!

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Yes it totally agree with you. Great reading your post because I feel I am not alone out there. My daughter has also moved out and got her own job so things are slowly coming to an end when it comes to money. I still do love to support her but my wife says its good for her to learn.

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