Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday this and that

I don't know why things that should be simple and automated have to be a hassle. I have been filling my prescription at the same pharmacy for a long time now. It falls under the $4 prescription list (or $10 for 3 months). I always get the 90 day supply. My prescription is on auto refill. So I go to pick it up the other day (and I never got a reminder text or phone call like usual) and she says "$4 please". I said's usually $10...for 90 days. She says well this is just for 1 month. I say well, I've always gotten 90 days for $10. Then she tries to tell me my insurance will only cover one month at a time. I said I don't know how those $4/$10 prescriptions work but I always assumed it was a cash price and not even ran through insurance. Finally she refills it for 90 days, but not after I had to argue with her and then wait for the extra 60 pills.

I'm counting the days until the end of June and bonus check time! Still haven't decided for sure what to do with it, but still leaning toward seeing if DH wants to go on a vacation somewhere later this summer.  But, if by some chance I ended up getting a trip for my 10th work anniversary (as everyone else has over the years) then I'd rather not use the money for another trip. One trip would be plenty and I'd then rather use the money for something else.

One more week until DD is home for the summer! Her dorm room is looking pretty bare. She's brought most of what she can home the last few trips and what's left she'll be able to fit in her car and not need me or her BF to make a trip there to haul the rest back. She'll be home next Friday, but only has one final on June 9th, so she will just drive back up to school for the day, take the test, and come home.  Still no summer internship or job found. She may end up back at the restaurant filling in, I guess.

Nice weather this weekend in the mid 70's. Perfect. I'll be grilling dinner Saturday and Sunday night.  Tonight will just be fried chicken from the store deli. I'll go get my grocery shopping done this afternoon after work and bring that home for dinner. I still want to try grilling some chicken on the bbq. Maybe I'll just buy a small thing of chicken wings or legs and give it a try, along with our burgers. I need to find out how to marinate. I guess I'll just use bbq sauce. I have an unopened jar in the cupboard.  I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. I have no idea how long chicken has to cook on the bbq grill.........

We really need to start some sort of house/yard project.  DH really needs something to do and something to keep his mind off how crappy he feels, but I can't get him to get going on any projects lately. DD told me that this summer we will get her brother's bedroom finally completely cleaned out and set up for my new office room. I was happy to hear that. I tried to get her to help me over winter break and she just kept ignoring me over it, so I just assumed she didn't want to deal with it. I did at least get everything boxed up and a bunch of stuff to Goodwill over winter, but there are still a bunch of boxes to figure out what to do with. We'll go through it all again and see what of that can be given to Goodwill and what thrown away. I had kept whatever I thought he still might want. All his dress clothes, some jackets, books, old models and some papers.  I guess I'll just give the clothes and books to Goodwill.

I really don't want to use the oak desk that is in that room. It's kind of big and ugly, so I'll be on the lookout for something new/used. I also want to paint the room once we get it cleaned out. I have never liked the color I painted that room years ago - it was supposed to be a light brown/tan but it always reminds me of the color of silly putty! I told DD that she could "design" the room for me and she was excited about that. I'm sure she'll come up with some cute ideas. I'll probably sell the bed, dresser and nightstand and get a futon couch. That way I'll have a double (or whatever size mattress they are) sized bed if I ever have guests. We also plan to paint the living room this summer.


  1. busy time for you all this summer. We need to start decorating our house, as we will have been in this house a year next month.

  2. Just a tip about grilling chicken, if you want to use bbq sauce put it on towards the end when the meat is almost cooked. Otherwise the bbq sauce will burn before the meat is cooked. You can use bottled italian dressing as a marinade. Have fun.