Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's only Thurdsay

Friday is a half day at work (with Monday off, of course) so I decided to take the whole day off Friday, since DD is home. I only have to use 4 hours of vacation time. I've got like 187 hours. Geez....I need a vacation.....I'm also working from home today. My boss emailed me at the end of yesterday and said I could work from home and I reminded her that we had another phone/webinar meeting. Well either she didn't get the invite or it got buried in her thousands of emails so she sent the meeting host an email rescheduling to next week.

DD got home last night. She could have left school at 2pm but then it would have taken her 3 1/2 hours in afternoon traffic, so she waited and left at 5pm and got home at 7:30 - with another huge load of stuff from her dorm room! There can't be much left there, LOL. She will get to stay until next Tuesday morning. I'm sure she will be with her boyfriend most of the free time, but it will be nice seeing her and it's nice knowing she's tucked asleep in her bed.

It was another crappy week with our drug dealing neighbors. We know the methmom has been back for a good month or two but we haven't really seen her (just heard her yelling from time to time). Well, she finally ventured out the other afternoon and took a walk down the street and one of our dogs happened to be out. He did what he is supposed to do - alert us by barking at the front fence that someone is out there. She couldn't spend the 15 seconds it takes to just walk on she had to antagonize the dog and then go off the paved road and come over to the fence (about 10 feet from the paved road) and start yelling at our dog. By then DH was walking out the front door and calmly just told her to stop antagonizing the dog. She starts yelling "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" DH just laughs and said ya, I know who you are. Just move along and stop antagonizing the dog. She kept yelling "do you know who I am?" over and over. DH just kept saying " just move along" Then she proceeded to tell him her husband will take care of him and his dog and she'd just start throwing rocks at our dog.  DH called the police and she took off down the road (who knows where). When they did finally arrive they told DH they are familiar with her, have arrested her before, etc. They apparently did go down and talk to her - or at least they were down at their house for about 10 minutes.

Our dogs are not outdoor dogs. They are inside most all the time, except of course to have potty breaks outside, to get a couple of 10 minute ball throwing sessions, or when we are out doing yard work. It is to the point that just about anytime we go to let them out some drug scumbag is out there or ends up being out there during their 5 minutes outside. In fact, this particular time DH looked outside before he let the dog out (a common thing we have to do now) and saw someone walking down the street. He waited until she had passed by before he let the dog out, so he wouldn't bark at her. Then as soon as he thought it was "safe" to let him out, here comes methmom. It's never ending. Maybe we'll get lucky and they will go camping for the holiday weekend - they've done that a couple of times before on long weekends. It would be really nice to have a couple of days of peace and quiet. Especially since our good neighbor is out of town (his dad passed away) so DH feels extra pressure to watch his place.

And our water has been off for the second time in 5 days, so we are back to problems with that and dealing with that wonderful old lady. Other than I'm not. If it happens again, I'll just report it to the county again and let them deal with it.

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  1. fingers, toes and everything else crossed that they go away for the weekend and you have a peaceful weekend with no bother.