Wednesday, May 20, 2015


It's finally time to replace my summer sandals. I've only had them about 15 years! For some reason I've always thought they were a pair of Naturalizer brand sandals, but in looking at the worn out label on my old shoes they are Easy Spirit brand.  I remember my mom bought them for me one day when there used to be an actual Naturalizer store at the mall.  I must have been thinking of a different time/pair of shoes.  I have very narrow feet and these were way more than I could afford at the time and she kindly bought them for me. I wear these every summer, all summer long. A couple of times the past several years I have touched them up with some brown shoe polish. They have always been super comfortable and boy have they lasted. They've walked through Disneyland and Disneyworld over the years :) I guess when you pay for a good shoe you get a good shoe.

But, alas, they are wearing out. The buckle strap on the right shoe is coming loose. I really should have replaced them last year, but I made them last one more year. I wore them yesterday for the first time this year and finally decided a new pair is a must. With how comfortable these shoes are and how long they lasted I decided on buying another pair of that brand. I couldn't find anything I liked in that brand at all. Nothing even similar to this style anymore is offered, from what I could find online. So then I searched Naturalizer brand.  I figured I was going to have to spend about $80.  I did some online searching and decided I liked this pair best and it comes in black, instead of dark brown.

Then I did some searching for the best price - every where seemed to be about $79, but I found a 20% off coupon code at and free shipping. Plus there was no sales tax! I got the shoes for $63.16.  In addition to that I went through my Swagbucks shopping portal and will earn about 6% back and I used my rewards debit card and will get another 1% back, making my final cost on these $80 shoes about $59. I really hope they are comfortable.

Online shoe stores are a great thing for us narrow footed folk. I have always hated shoe shopping since I was a little kid. Not very many stores carry narrow widths and those that do are expensive and have little selection. It was always head to Nordstrom, find something I liked and ask if they have narrow only to be told it wasn't offered. Finally, I'd have to just say "show me what you do have in narrow" and make my selection from that and never end up with what I really liked and wanted. But now that there are online stores there is so much more selection for me to find narrow width shoes! I'm still not a shoe horse by any means, but at least the few pair I do have now are one's I like.

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  1. I really like Clarks shoes. I've had foot surgery and they are very comfortable