Monday, May 25, 2015

A little make-over

I had sort of been looking for a new paper towel holder. Something in red to match the rest of my kitchen stuff that I've gotten new recently.  This is my old wooden paper towel holder. I think I bought it as part of a matching set of canisters, salt and pepper shakers, napkin holder (none of which I have anymore) and paper towel holder sometime during our first year of marriage, so I've had it 30 years. Yikes.

Instead of buying a new one (prices ranged from $10-$30) I bought a $1.50 can of red spray paint and within several minutes and some drying time I had this

It matches the other red items and red valances in my kitchen perfectly. Should be good for another 30 years...haha!


  1. That looks great! Good job reusing! You would not want the new ones anyway - they are all plastic and fake stainless. Yours looks much better!