Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday This 'n That

The missing check finally cleared my bank. I don't know how I didn't remember writing it! It was written on pay day for DD and myself to get our haircut! $30.  I'm really loosing my memory in my old age.  At least it was for a relatively small amount.

Speaking of writing checks. One of the few I usually write each month is for our pest control service. As I was starting to write it out and get a stamp to mail it, I suddenly thought to myself - why am I not paying this through my free online banking? I don't have to pay .45 for the stamp!  Duh, that's a no brainer.

We took the puppy in for his 2nd round of shots yesterday and he's gained 6 pounds. The vet staff just go silly over him, he's so cute. I went ahead and did the wellness plan - not sure that it will actually save any money (unless we need extra visits for problems) but, since DS is paying for these visits, it will be easier for him to spread it out over 12 months at $35 rather than big lump sums. The visit yesterday would have been $140, we have another one in 3 weeks, that will probably be $100 and then there is the visit for when we neuter him and a couple of other tests for worms, etc. We will also get a 10% discount on having the microchip put in when they neuter him. I only want to have this plan for the one year, so I have put a reminder on my Outlook calendar to call and cancel it after the last payment next September, otherwise it will automatically renew.

My mom is going with me on Saturday morning to look at laminate flooring for DD's bedroom. I need to get that figured out as to what I want to put in there, so we can get this done in the next month and surprise her for her birthday.

I've been doing some planning and research on starting my emergency food stockpile. I've found some neat websites and will probably write a post about this over the weekend. 

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  1. That's a pretty neat plan for the pup; stretching those early year costs into multiple payments. Glad you got that check to clear, and that it wasnt a big quantity. Best of all, it was something you did and not the check getting stolen or something.