Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday - general update

Things have just been kind of status quo the past couple of weeks. DS has not found a full time position yet, but he has been doing quite a bit of side jobs.  He's been taking whatever work the computer repair shop throws his way, which last week was 3 full days. The guy is just paying him cash, and he's paying pretty well and DS made $540 from those 3 days. He's also working again for him on a job site on Tuesday, which will pay DS $35/hr with a 4 hour minimum.  The shop owner also has several companies who want websites done and he is just waiting for them to make the down payments before DS can start working on those.  He made $175 working on a website for a guy he had created for him last year. Just needed some updates and changes. Then he just finished a "hero card" for a fellow racer and set him up a very basic one page website (to start) and will get paid for that today.

DD has been very busy with her 3 college classes and 1 high school class and then working every Saturday and Sunday for about 6 hours each day. No more sleeping in for her! She has to be at college by 7am, but is done by 10am. She had her first tests this past week. A's in Political Science and English and a C in Pre-Calc (that will be her hardest class!). She is liking her job and the other people she works with and has so far, with tips, been making a little over $600 a month, which is great for her. She's putting most of it in savings, though she did help chip in $200 for the new tires that were needed for her car.  She's also enjoying having some spending money for clothes and an ice cream or a coffee out with friends. The early mornings 7 days a week have her in bed by 9 or 9:30 every night!

I finally spoke with a disability attorney and found out (just as I thought) that DH is not eligible for disability. Not working much the past 10 years and no diagnosis or proof that he was totally disabled way back when he was considered eligible with enough credits would make it about impossible to go back and get any back pay. So, I think this news really brought DH down.  Unfortunately he made some poor decisions years ago that led to this. First off (and this was just ignorance on our part) we should have had his company set up as a corporation and gave him a salary that would have been taxed with Social security. Instead he was a sole proprietor, that had so many write off's most  years that he either had a loss or very little income, so not much put into SS.  Then 8 years or so ago when he did apply for disability and was turned down, he did appeal. He was then denied, saying he could work 2 hours a day. I spoke with an attorney then (not a disability one) who said DH should definitely get a lawyer and fight that one. Instead he just got angry at the whole situation and just decided to do nothing.  Now, he has no more credits and it's too late.  I did explain to him that when we reach retirement age he will get Social Security, as he will be able to get half of my monthly amount.  On the to-do list for me this month is to get that additional term life insurance policy taken care of.

The puppy is doing great and even starting to go to the door to go outside now. We take him out so often he hasn't gone in the house in almost a week. He's kind of starting to get on a schedule so it's getting easier. He even went to bed in his crate on his own last night :)

I got the laminate flooring for DD's bedroom yesterday! It's kind of a warm honey oak color.  All the boxes are hidden under my bed and the long wall trim pieces are out in our garage.  It's been so hard to keep this a secret - I'm so used to just talking to her about everything that I almost blurt it out in conversation every once in awhile.  DS is the worst secret keeper, so wouldn't surprise me if he already told her - haha!


  1. I bet you are one proud mama! Your kids are working hard to make some money even without full-time jobs. You raised them right! I'm sorry about DH!

  2. Can't wait to hear DD's reaction to the floor! Bet it will be beautiful! Hope you can post a pic!
    Glad the DS is getting some jobs for income. He should check out etsy - He could do "banners" for people's Etsy sites for Web Sites - once I inquired about getting one and the girl had a 2-month waiting list!! SERIOUSLY!! I think he could make some bucks doing that! Does he do graphics, too? What a great talent to have - at least he can keep some money coming in till something FT turns up.

  3. I'm not so good at keeping those kind of secrets either, it stressfull. ;-)

  4. I hope we get before/after photos of the floor redo. Your kids are working pretty hard, so best of luck to both of them!

  5. Yes I will definitely take some pictures of the floor when it gets put in! Not sure when they will do it yet. Sometime within the next week or two.