Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another budget reduction

Have I mentioned before how glad I am that I switched to Progressive Insurance a year and a half ago? My 6 month policy renews next month and I just got my new payment schedule - it went DOWN $24 a month! Wooo! So far, each 6 month renewal it has gone down since I first got the insurance (last time was only $5 a month, but still better than an increase).  My old insurance always went up each term, always.  Plus, who doesn't love Flo?!


  1. You are on the roll lately! Nice!!

  2. WTG....but Flo still creeps me

  3. I gotta check this out now. I never thought of it. I am Geico and maybe time to drop the lizard for the flo~

  4. Geico has been quite kind to us ....our auto insurance is only 20 bucks a month 8) ... but then we drive old vehicles and are fortunate not to have any driving infractions. It's always nice when the premiums go down instead of up!

  5. That is something I've been liking about Progressive... when my parents got Nationwide, our rate was identical year after year after year, and the only times it did change, it went up by almost 50%. Flo does creep me out, but the discounts and overall coverage have me satisfied (though I've never had to actually use the insurance... Nationwide was horrible, so I dont think many auto insurances can outdo Nationwide's poor CS and claim processing).

    1. I wish I could do their "snapshot" program. I know with my driving I could reduce my premiums, but they don't offer it in my state :(