Monday, October 29, 2012

It's Monday already

Boy, did this weekend fly by fast. I'm very proud of myself that with all the busy-ness of putting in DD's floor I didn't go get fast food! Saturday night I made french dip sandwiches.  Some sliced thin roast beef from the deli counter heated up, some au jus and swiss cheese melted on the meat made for a very quick meal.  Yesterday I popped in a Stouffer's frozen lasagne to the oven with some french bread and jello. I was just too tired for a lot of prep work for something from scratch, but at least there was no money spent on take out.

Hmm, black dogs shed black fur? Imagine that! I vacuumed twice yesterday (and I am NOT a neat freak!) and there's more black fur this morning.  

Everyone is driving me nuts this morning. The dogs are playing (usually the older dog is still asleep in our bedroom), the cat keeps wanting back and forth over the puppy gate. DH is really feeling the effects of all the work he did this weekend, so is having a hard time sleeping so keeps calling for me to tell me something or ask me something.  I put the dogs outside, put the cat in DS's room and told DH to go back to bed!

Issues with our water well again. We are having lots of air coming through our pipes all day yesterday. None of our neighbors were home to ask if they were having same problem so I had to call the well owner lady. They are having the same problem so she is supposed to call the repair guy today to come out and take a look. At least we still have water, but we filled up the bathtub and our 5 gallon jugs just in case it goes out or has to be turned off for repairing. I wish I could think of some character on TV to compare her to - to describe how totally annoying it is to try and talk to her. Trying to talk to her reminds me of some Carol Burnett/Tim Conway skit!  She always thinks we are going to run out of water. I don't know how many times we and our other neighbor have explained to her that our water well is tapped into a glacier fed aqueduct - pretty much guaranteed the well will never go dry. I had to explain that to her again yesterday as she thought maybe there is air in the water because the well is going dry from our very dry summer. Hopefully it will all be resolved quickly today and we won't have to deal with her for another 6 months, when something else goes wrong.

Time to get moving and get to work. Have a great day!


  1. Oh, how exciting. When do we get to see the new floor? I'm sure it looks great, and good for you for avoiding fast food! It is so easy to just go with pizza while you're in the heat of the moment putting the floors down. Glad you had some stuff at hand to make the task go faster.

    1. Never mind! Must've missed yesterday's post. The floor looks fantastic. Hope Dh feels better soon.

  2. Well done on staying out of the fast food joints over the weekend! Something that works for me: make a slow cooker meal. Prepare first thing in the morning and forgedaboutit. Just recently, as I've been decluttering over the weekends, this has been a lifesaver. I used to not think about dinner until 4pm, usually tired after a busy day cleaning or working on the house/garden, but then I forced myself to organize meals in the slow cooker on those days when I knew I'd be busy. It has worked out really well.