Monday, October 15, 2012

It's getting harder

Gosh it's so hard to keep a secret! So many times in the past few weeks I've almost blurted out about doing DD's bedroom floor.  Then Saturday, when I went and got the flooring and my mom went with me, DD asked what I did while she was at work. I didn't want to tell her I saw Grandma, because then she'd have more questions and I'd just have to make up more lies! So, I just said I didn't do much, went to Walmart and cleaned house.  I don't know how many times over the weekend I almost mentioned something me and my mom talked about.

This morning I ordered some knee pads for DH on Amazon. I logged in with DD's Amazon Student prime account because of the free 2 day shipping. As soon as I hit submit on the order I realized she will now get an email about it!  Ooops.  DH said to make up some story about he needs them for out in the shop or something. Sure enough 15 minutes later DD texts me "what did you just order from Amazon?".

I'll be glad when these floors are in and I don't have to keep telling fibs! I suck at it!


  1. Haha. At least you didnt order the flooring or something more telling from Amazon. I do love their Prime, which reminds me mine expires in Nov. Time to pay up! Just don't think about the project too much, and perhaps talk her about other things that will ensure she keeps her head and thoughts far from yours!

  2. I'd have to lock myself in the closet until the floors are in.
    I am the worst at keeping secrets.....

  3. Too funny! Yes, I'd try to forget you are evening going to do her floor! Hope you can keep the secret a little longer!

  4. Its so hard to keep a secret sometimes. When we purchased the girls new beds last year and DH painted the room(all in two days while they were at my sisters). My sister almost told them twice..then I called and asked them what color comforters they wanted..duh

    She will be so surprised! Take pictures

  5. I couldn't wait until my daughter got old enough to quit lying to her about Santa Clause, it killed me. And I was always falling asleep while trying to be the tooth fairy. One year she was so devastated, I ended up balling all day at work from my screw up. Lies are hard! ;-)

    1. omg - I was the WORST tooth fairy! I was always either forgetting or falling asleep and not waking up in the morning before she did. I'll bet half the time her big brother snuck in her room and put some of his money under her pillow because he knew I'd forget! No wonder she adores him :)