Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scared myself

Yesterday, while I was taking a quick lunch break, I finally wrote out all my bills due when I get paid on Wednesday. I have quite a few extra due to doctor bills and the list was quite long.  When I added it all up and subtracted from my income I really wasn't going to have ANY left over, but with all the extra bills I wasn't totally surprised.  I was really bummed and didn't want to go another whole month most likely ending up short.

Last night I decided to re-write the income and expenses in a new notebook I got and I re-added it all. This time showed I had an extra $336! I must have added wrong. I re did the math 2 more times and the $336 was correct. - Whew! I felt so much better when I went to bed last night.


  1. I do that sometimes too... Other times I have too much left & have to redo! lol! Glad you figured it out!! :)

  2. I've found out that before I started making a budget way ahead of time, I'd come either short or feel like something was missing. Since I do zero-budgetting, having anything leftover (especially over $60!) was a bad sign! Glad it worked for the best for you.

  3. thank goodness you made a mistake and you have money.


  4. Hopefully you weren't wrong the second time around. How scary is that!