Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Stuff

It's been such a random day for me - so my post will be too, I guess.

Slept in until about 9am, which doesn't happen very often.  Lazed around on the computer until everyone got up (which was another hour or more) and then lazed around a bit more.  Dd took off about 11:30 for a birthday party that has so many activities planned (sweet 16) that it is an 8 hour party!  Then Dh, Ds and myself sat around and watched a good movie (Inside Man with Denzel Washington) for a couple of hours. 

Finally we all got moving and the guys went out into the garage to work on stuff and I worked on getting some of the old paperwork and crap out of 2 of the 3 boxes in my closet.  Some of those papers were more than 10 years old. Ridiculous.  But, I got a bunch of it thrown away, another in a bag for shredding and combined the 2 boxes into one.  Still have 2 boxes in the closet, but at least it's a start. I also bagged up a bunch of old clothes I had been piling on top of the boxes for Goodwill, so now that is ready to go. Now my walk in closet can actually be walked in again.  Lots more to do and pare down but I am slowly getting there.  My clothes that are hung up have been reduced by probably half over the last year.

Dh got busy last week, after I bought him a few plastic storage bins.  He emptied out all his coats in our entryway closet.  He has SO MANY coats that he has gotten over the years - coats he had made up for his company, coats other companies had given him etc.  They were all so stuffed into that closet we never even used it for our everyday coats as you couldn't get a thing in there.  Plus there were a bunch of coats Ds had collected too, in his bedroom closet. Dh was only able to part with 2 of the coats for Goodwill (he has trouble getting rid of things that he thinks have memories) but now the entry closet only has a few coats in it and I was able to move my every day winter coat from my bedroom closet hook. I'm not sure where he's actually going to put the plastic bins (they are stacked up in our family room right now) but he says he'll make room out in the garage (it's heated).

I also transferred a $1000 of my bonus into savings, so I now have $1122 started as an emergency fund. That feels so great.  I just hope Murphy stays awhile for at least a little while longer and lets me enjoy seeing that balance in there every time I log into my bank account.


  1. My DH is the same way with coats!! I'm planning on purging & donating winter stuff to those in need this week though, so he's going to have to pare down!

  2. Ps - Great job on the EF!!! :) Way to go!