Friday, December 2, 2011

It's up to me

What to do with the Christmas bonus's?  Well, put it into my savings, of course!  I am so excited to be able to quickly get my EF to over $1000.  I don't think I'll put the whole $1800 in, but at least $1000 and probably closer to $1300 (as I'd already kind of budgeted to receive and spend most of the $500).  I've been wanting some new wood - or faux wood - blinds (we have some old vinyl blinds that I am tired of and one of them is broken) for our living room but just haven't had the extra money.  I have 3 windows and I think, before, when I priced out the cheapest ones I could find they were $50-$60 each.

One thing I am not doing is telling Dh about these bonus's.  I know - it goes against what a marriage should be about, but he has absolutely ZERO money management skills. He spent his life growing up with parents who lived on debt (still do and his  mom is almost 80) and never had any money saved, whatsoever.  He has no concept of setting aside money for a rainy day (one of the reasons his business failed so quickly when the economy tanked) and if I were to tell him about getting the bonus, he would have it spent before I even get it.  I am a saver and he is a spender and part of the reason we never have any money is because I have always felt like I should tell him what we have and then of course he finds something to spend it on.  He can come up with any "rationalizing" necessary to spend it,  and then add in his depression due to his medical condition and it's way too easy for him to spend.  Well, I've finally realized that the ONLY way we are ever going to get some money saved up for emergencies and then (hopefully) just general savings, is if I do it on MY own - and if that has to be behind his back, then so be it.  At this point, I'm the one responsible for our future.


  1. Congrats on the bonus & your nice EF!!! :) I agree about the hubby... I get bugged about buying a $2K tv... Ugh! :/

  2. that's a pricey TV - and I thought my dh was bad! He sold off a few things he had left from his business last year about this time and we got a nice new 50" - but it was "only" around $750. There is no way I would've let him spend $2k on a tv :-)