Monday, December 12, 2011

A no Take Out food weekend

I used willpower this weekend and did not get take out! Friday night I was good and made dinner. I was soooo tempted Saturday, because by the time it was getting close to make dinner I was tired from the day's shopping and what not, but I made myself fix up dinner.Sunday night wasn't as bad and I made a meatloaf, but thank goodness Dh wasn't suggesting take out either night or I would've caved.

But then I caved and got take out last night :-( I was tired from working all day and right when I left work I started getting a headache that finally went away around 5:30 - this morning. Ugh. I only spent $12 though, mostly for Dh, as Ds was still at work and Dd and I just split a quesadilla, as neither of us was very hungry.

Tonight will just be soup and sandwiches and tomorrow I have a pork roast to put in the crockpot, so I know I'll be good then next two dinners :-)


  1. It is terrible how easy it is to go for takeout. I've eaten out more during Nov+Dec than I have during the first 10 months of the year!

  2. At least it was only $12... Could've been much worse! ;)

  3. You only caved one night, thats pretty good. Take your acomplishments where you night sending out is better than three