Thursday, December 29, 2011

Clothing budget

I'm ready for tomorrow to be here so I can get paid and start my new month of expense tracking. I kind of dropped the ball right before Christmas, which I had a feeling would happen - too busy and too many receipts to track and figure out.

I got to thinking of things I might "need" in the coming months.  The only things I could come up with are a new pair of jeans for work (one of my pairs are getting pretty frayed at the hem) and another pair of shoes for work - that's it.  I got several new tops/sweaters and some pj's for Christmas and already have lots of clothes, so that is all I should  have to purchase in 2012. It will be interesting to see if I can keep myself to that.  I'm not a big spender on clothes at all, but 2 items does seem a bit drastic!  I will probably keep an eye out for jeans at Ross, as they are cheap at $10-20.  The shoes I want run about $30.

Dh will probably need one pair of jeans and one pair of shoes too.  He just wears jeans and t-shirts (he has 40 t-shirts, I'll bet!) everyday with a sweatshirt on cold days and he got 2 new sweatshirts for Christmas.  He usually needs a new pair of tennis shoes about twice a year, as his feet need good support.  Ds already got his dress work clothes that will last him this year and his girlfriend got him a jacket, jeans and a pair of sneakers for Christmas.  If he needs more he can buy them himself now with his own money.  Dd is the fashionista, but other than school clothes shopping in summer, she buys her own clothes throughout the year with allowance/Xmas or Birthday $.  She may need a dance dress, but she's always been good about picking out something very reasonably priced with sales and department store coupons   Both of her last 2 dresses were so cute and one ended up costing $35 and one $25. I couldn't imagine paying $200-$300 for a dance dress, like some do. 

So, that's one of my goals for 2012 - very minimal clothes spending.

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  1. Those are not bad goals at all. I think I need to develop a wardrobe budget, seeing as how I think I've purchased a total of 5 clothing items... during the whole year! This included 1 pair of shoes, a pair of pants, and 3 tops. Sad as sad goes. But I HATE the idea of paying $30+ for a dress shirt or $50 for a pair of jeans!