Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Disappointing Day

Well, guess I'll be keeping the already cinched tight financial belt on the same notch for 2012. I had my "performance" review today. And while I scored "exemplary" on everything and my boss just couldn't say enough good things about my work, I am not getting a raise because they are only giving raises to those employees who have not had one in more than 2 years. It was quite a letdown to think I was going to have a review along with a salary increase today. I wasn't expecting anything large, but a small cost of living increase would have been nice. I guess I will have to consider my xmas bonus my "raise" for the year.


  1. Ah. That is very disappointing. I've had that happen once at my part time job, though I wasn't expecting the review or a raise. That sort of sucks they are only giving raises to those that havent had them, instead of going by performance... But that's awesome you're getting a bonus, and that they recognize you're doing great!

  2. That's too bad that you're not getting a raise, especially since you're obviously a wonderful worker! Raises shoud go by merit, not how long it's been since your last raise.

  3. I agree and I guess so did one of our other employees - he's a supervisor and actually told management that people expect raises with good reviews. My boss did tell me yesterday that she did ask the owners when those that didn't get increases could expect one next and they said to check back in June, so I guess I will see what happens then.