Thursday, December 15, 2011

Good grades

Good news from Ds last night.  His fall quarter grades were posted and he got two 4.0's and a 3.9!  I am so proud of him.  The 4.0 grades were computer networking classes and the 3.9 was a Business Communications class (where the class average was 72%).  He only has 4 classes left to take for his Associates Degree. He will take 3 winter quarter and then one spring quarter. Since he now has his job, he didn't want to try to do 4 classes in one quarter.

His job is going well, though he doesn't like all the driving around everyday.  Sometimes he has to go to several offices in a day.  But I keep reminding him he's on the clock while driving and getting reimbursed his mileage.  The guy who was hired to do the area north of Ds's area did end up quitting, I guess.  They have been having the guy who works the area north of that area handle the extra work, but sounds like next week they asked Ds to work it and said if he needs to put in over 40 hours that's ok for overtime.  I am surprised they haven't hired someone for that area - you'd think there'd be people lined up for the job!

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