Sunday, September 11, 2022

Weekend stuff and another guest

In order to sell something in this state with a title, you have to have it notarized. Thankfully dh remembered this when he was getting ready to list the quad for sale, so Friday morning we made a quick trip into the county courthouse in town to get our title signed and notarized before we sell it. Well, the dang vehicle licensing dept was closed for the day. I went into one of the other depts to ask if there was someone who could notarize and she said upstairs in the county attorney's office. Well, that's none other than the office of the guy who helped Mr. (and us) with our covenants issue, so we got to meet him and thank him for his help. Very very nice guy, but a talker, so we were there 3x as long as we planned, LOL. He said that the guy, who came into his office to complain about our letter, is a "bit intense". I think that was his polite way of saying the guy is an a-hole, haha. We thanked him again and he said "oh no problem - it was fun!" LOL. I guess if you are an attorney it is.

When we were outside with the guy who was buying our quad and chatting with him, my mom called my cell so I walked off to answer it. She says "where are you?" I'm'm at home...standing outside....she pauses and then say "oh I thought you were on a trip". trip. She said she thought we were but doesn't know where she got that idea. Me either, LOL. I don't know if I imagine it or not but seems like if I am out of town (which is rarely) or when we had our friends visiting, she will call me just about every day! Usually she doesn't call me. I have to call her. But, I swear, every time I go somewhere or am really busy, she starts calling....yet she has zero memory that I'm out of town or had guests here.

I did go see her yesterday morning for an hour visit. She seemed good, the same. Asked me 4 times in the first 3 minutes how the traffic was coming over to see her. Where we used to live traffic was always a problem/question, I guess. Here there is basically zero traffic, but it must just be something stuck in her head from all those years of dealing with it. Then as I was filling up her pills into the dispenser she kept saying "how much do I owe you?" I kept telling her they were already charged to her account. DH joked you should have just told her "$50" and then maybe she'd stop asking, haha. She did finally get the reimbursement from Verizon for them not closing her account when I called the first time and then charging another month. But they send it in a visa gift card. Dumb. Of course she's not going to be able to use that, so I just took it (I found it in her desk drawer as I had gotten an email from Verizon they mailed it). I just put it towards an Amazon gift card that I will use next amazon purchase and just transferred the $32 from my checking to hers. Just easier that way then trying to hold onto a gift card for her to try to spend $32.42 on.

Dh went with me yesterday and dropped me off at mom's while he went off to get our fall lawn fertilizer picked up at the feed co-op place. He ran another errand and by then I had been at mom's almost an hour and our Walmart order was ready to be picked up. Weather is now much cooler and it was much nicer sitting in mom's apartment and it not be 82 degrees inside, LOL. She cracked me up at one point. She was looking over the activity schedule and said something about they sometimes have people come in to entertain for them to make money, so she always gives them a little something. I just said oh that's really nice, but in my head I was like really? you don't even have any more money on you, haha. If I try to give her some money to have on hand she just hides it and loses it. She's also amassing quite a little collection of treats from the dining room in her fridge, LOL. I looked at the dates on them and they were fine (thankfully the kitchen staff puts a little date on them) so she is eating them quickly/regularly.

I ended up placing my Walmart pick up order for an hour earlier than I normally would have. Just not interested in waiting 90 minutes past the hour again. I set it for the 10-11am slot and planned on being there by 11 or shortly after and if it's late then I'm ok because I had really planned to pick up between 11-noon, haha. This time they had it ready by 10 and we got there right at 11am, so still within my hour window of pickup time. Then we stopped at the Wendy's drive thru for lunch and headed home. Dh got the fertilizer spread over the lawn and he talked with dd on the phone awhile. They are looking at 5 acres to buy and build a house. He was giving them advice on the well and septic situation, as well as the shared driveway the property has with a house behind the 5 acres. we go again with a houseguest, LOL. It's my long time friend, the one who's hubby of 30 years cheated on her (like 5 years ago now) with a younger woman with 3 kids and moved in with them. The one who would never divorce him and kept hoping he'd come back. Well, she's been trying to plan a visit here for the past couple of years. In 2020 it was Covid, then last year her estranged hubby died 3-4 weeks before she was planning to come, so she had to cancel and deal with all that (mentally, financially, etc). So, she's been talking about it all summer and I told her the only weekend we were busy was Labor Day. Then she messages me last night "how is the 17-21st?" I'm thinking this month, as in next week?? LOL. No, she must mean October, but I looked on calendar and she said Sat (travel day) thru Wed (travel day) and those dates match this month. haha! I said of course that will work out great and we'd love to have you. She has to do a layover in Salt Lake City, so she won't even get here until 11pm next Saturday. That part is ugh! But, we'll have Sun through most of Wednesday as she doesn't need to be to the airport until like 5pm Wednesday. DH laughed and said "we get to do all the same touristy stuff again, haha". 

At least she is healthy enough to do a little hike so we are going to go to these 2 lakes dh and I went to several years ago and I have been really wanting to go see it again...and do the hike up to the 2nd lake when I'm not trying to hike through June snow, LOL. When we were there it was June and the lake was still frozen over. I'd like to see not frozen, haha. It's a 1 mile hike up to the 2nd lake but not super steep. She'll love it. Not sure what else we will do, but probably the trip to see the bison again. Dang! I should have bough the year pass for $20 when we were there, LOL! I was like oh, I'll just pay the $10 for a day trip, we aren't coming back anytime soon. And as far as I know she is not a picky eater, so planning to make a couple dinners here at home will be much easier. To say this lady loves Christmas is an understatement. She's probably already started decorating her house, LOL. I'm thinking of getting out my little small flocked tree and setting it up in the guest room she will be in :)


  1. I'm so glad your friend is doing well (and, as I said before, I was so glad to hear she was still his wife when he passed)!!! But I get what your hubs was saying about the "tourist route". When I lived in Switzerland it was always Gruyère, Montreux, Zermatt, and here in France it's always .....! Still everyone always appreciates it and I'm sure you'll have a good time with her!

  2. I suppose that you are so attentive to your mother she just assumes you are on a trip. Otherwise, you would be calling and coming to see her. And, that is a good thing.

    At least the woman was still married to the guy as that makes it so much easier, legally and will leave her more comfortable. Really, it is just practical to think of these things. I bet she loves markets and antique shops, too.

    1. I wonder if one of the caregivers went on a trip - could be why she was training that new gal. I'm not so sure it was a good thing friend was still married when her hubby passed. He made a mess of his life and just left with credit card debt. Friend was able to get funeral cost covered due to Covid.

  3. Your mom has a good heart...even if she couldn't actually give the hired entertainment a few extra bucks. Lol

  4. At my Walmart they don’t care what time I come get my groceries. As long as it’s the same day, there’s no problem. I wouldn’t stress too much about hitting it on your hour.