Tuesday, September 13, 2022


It's been a bit crazy with my doctors office and my 2 prescriptions I am on. I called last week to make my annual wellness appointment (usually you can get an appt within a few weeks) and was told the earliest I could get a wellness appointment was March 2nd! 6 months! I asked if there was another provider who could see me earlier and was told they like to keep patients with the same doctor. If I had an issue going on they can get me in earlier. I said no issue, but I do have 2 prescriptions I need to get refilled now and she said to have my pharmacy put in the request.

So, I log into my mail order pharmacy through my insurance, and put in the request. I get an email back saying they received my request and are now waiting to hear back from my doctor's office to confirm the refills. Then the next day I get another email saying they are still waiting on information from my doctors office. Then Friday I get this recorded call from CVS pharmacy in the city, saying they've received my prescription order but are unable to fill it until 90 days from now. What? Ok it sounds like the refill somehow got sent there, but why 90 days wait? I sent a message to the doctor office through Mychart and said Express Scripts should have contacted them for a refill, but CVS has it too, but not to fill until November? The nurse quickly replied back she made a mistake and now has sent it to Express Scripts. 

Then yesterday morning I get an email from Express Scripts saying they've received my prescription orders, but can't fill until November. What in the world? So, I get on the phone with Express Scripts and have to say "customer service" about 20 times before they finally connect me to a live person. He was super nice and said it sounds like insurance is holding up letting them process because CVS got to the prescriptions first, even though they are saying 90 days out too. He said to call them and get them to cancel the orders in their system and that should let theirs go through now. I asked him if there was an easier way to get to a live person than saying "customer service" 20 times. He laughed and said try saying "representative". So, I call CVS and the lady tells me they have a pending order for release in November. I finally get her to delete it out of their system. I said it's apparently holding up my current prescription with Express scripts somehow and needs to be deleted. I'm not going to be filling it with your pharmacy, so there's no reason for you to have it pending (and then mess me up again in 90 days). I then call back Express Scripts and listen through the very end of the greeting and found the instant way to get to a live person this time. I get a different lady who was hard to get to comprehend what is going on. She kept acting like we're waiting for info from your dr office. I said I now only have 2 1/2 weeks of pills left and need to get this figured out now. Not have it sit in your system another week and still not be resolved. After being on hold about 20 minutes they finally figured it out and now my prescriptions are being processed. What a headache.

Then I get online with Express Scripts this morning and they haven't shipped yet, but it's is in process but then I realized my doctors office only did one 90 day prescriptions. No refills. Ok....you make me wait 6 months to get in but don't refill my meds for at least 6 months? This is so stupid and I'm tired of it. I'm seriously considering finding a new pcp doctor office. I just sent a note back to my dr office saying you can't schedule my appt for 6 months, but only gave me 3 months of my prescription.....that's obviously not going to work. Great, I get to go through all of this again in 90 days.


  1. What a mess. You know you are not the only person having to straighten it out. I wonder how much cheaper it would be just to fix the system.

  2. What a headache. Customer service sure seems to be a thing of the past. :(

  3. I forgot to add, I guess part of the reason why I was on hold so long is the customer service rep was talking to a pharmacy tech and the tech was trying to get ahold of my dr's office to get it resolved...and the doctors office told them I am not a patient! The tech told them, pretty sure she is, because it's the same doctor's name who prescribed it for 12 months last year.....

  4. Insurance generally only will do 90 days. We tried getting my daughter's for her whole time abroad and nope, no way would they allow. So I'll have to get as early as possible and ship overseas, crossing fingers there won't be a problem. We'll do research to see if a Spanish pharmacy could fill too, but I'm guess not.

    1. Yes, it's correct that they will only fill 90 days at a time, which is perfectly fine and expected - BUT why not give me refills to refill it after the 90 days is up, when they can't get me in for an appointment for 180 days?

  5. Ugh! Sorry that you had to go through this. I need to go to the walk-in tomorrow to get my prescriptions authorized. We'll see how that will go. The family doctor I am assigned to is never there whenever I go.