Monday, September 12, 2022

Another Monday

I really do not know what to do about mom's caregiver and her not sending me a monthly bill! She has now been caring for her over 2 1/2 months. She told me she bills once a month. After it had been about 5 weeks I texted her and asked and she said she's been busy and hasn't done her billing yet. I asked her how she sends it, email? She said she can send it email, so I gave her my email address. This was near the end of July. Now it's mid September and still no billing. Early last week, I texted, asking again when she would be billing, as I wanted to make sure I haven't missed seeing it, somehow. No reply back at all. It's starting to really annoy me now! On the 20th it will have been 3 months of her providing services to my mom with no billing. I don't get it at all. I'm to the point I don't know what to say/do I keep asking? How does someone live without collecting their due income? She must not really need the money I guess. Plus, I'll bet some of her clients live on a tight monthly budget and then to suddenly get a bill for 3 months is probably hard for them. Just weird!

Dh and I are trying to figure out a couple of different tourist type activities we can do during friends visit that aren't the same we just did, LOL. He's come up with a few, so we should be good for the 3 days. One is a nice hike between 2 small lakes and the other 2 our little historical places to visit nearby.

The guy next door still has not brought his equipment out here to start clearing, though we did learn from our retired friend in town, who knows him, that he did bring his equipment over here from his other residence. Even our retired friend said ya, I told him he just needs to find 10 or 20 acres to build what he wants on. We said "exactly". Their out of state house for sale has been on the market a year now. It's obvious they aren't willing to drop their price to get it sold, so I'm wondering if that will end up delaying them starting to build - he already said to us that one day (before this all blew up) that he wanted to get started and since they haven't sold their house yet, he was going to do a loan to start building. That tells me he doesn't have the money to do anything unless he either sells this house or borrows. And not lowering your price after a year tells me they need this price out of that house in order to pay for what they want to do here. The price of homes has been taking a downturn and is expected to continue downward. Not to mention, if they can't find a builder who can start next summer, 2 years from now that cost to build is going to be even higher. Glad it's them and not me trying to deal with it now. While our building costs ended up being way more than our builder told us, at least we now have a 2.5% interest rate. The savings in interest (from our first interest rate) over the mortgage life will make up for the overages, at least. I sure would not want to be borrowing at today's mortgage interest rates, let alone construction loan rates are higher than mortgage rates. No thank you.

There is a brand new house built across the street from where we lived in town. Same size/similar style. They listed it 60 days ago for $434k - almost twice what we sold our home across the street (with all the landscaping and fence in AND a shop) in 2018. They  just dropped the price $35k. A sign of the times, for sure.

Well, today is payroll processing day so not much time to write. That's all I've got for now.


  1. Just because it is so strange not to bill, I would have to speak to her face to face. Would this company like the antique shops, too?

    1. Since she won't even reply to my texts about it, it doesn't seem likely she would reply either, if I texted I wanted to get it from her in person. I'm sure friend would like the antique shops - but I think dh had his fill for a bit, haha. We'll see :)

    2. You might want to leave a note for her with the front desk and explain to them what the note is about. They might know when she bills and how she collects payment.

  2. I can't even begin to imagine taking out a loan for a house right now. The rates have gone through the roof. Hopefully, this will delay the guy next door.