Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Flu shot

I had gotten up a little early yesterday and started work almost half hour early. Later I took my shower and decided it was time to cut my hair, LOL. It doesn't take long. I figured at a minimum I'll get the length cut off and then if I have time I'll work in some layers, which I ended up doing. It was getting so long. I cut off at least 3 inches, probably closer to 4. Getting a little bit of layers in is the harder part and I tend to do that slowly. I'll probably do some more on it today after I shower and it's wet again. Mostly I really hate that as my hair turned all white over the years it got really curly, LOL. Curly and frizzy and nothing seems to tame the frizz once it's dry, so I just end up putting it back in a pony tail most of the time and don't really care how long it gets.

I let the cat out this morning, so it's quiet now, haha. Boy he was mad last night around 7:30! Dh and I were laughing. He was walking around the whole house meowing as loud as he could. Then he'd go upstairs and run as fast as he could across the loft and down the hall and back. Then stomp down the stairs. Finally he jumped up in my lap and took a nap, haha.

Mom was dressed by 7am and went down for breakfast just before 8, but she must have ate fast because she was back at 8:30. She never gets back that early. Usually it's always 8:50 or 8:55.  I'm going to wait one more week, until the month ends, and then tell her caregiver I need a billing. If she hasn't done a billing through the end of Sept by next week, I'm going to insist I need it, LOL. I wonder if she's on vacation. A few weeks ago I saw her training the new gal, so it's her other gal and this new one who I'm seeing on the camera every day. I don't think I've seen the main caregiver for at least a week now, on the camera. It still baffles my mind - how does she pay these 2 ladies if she doesn't do her billing for clients??

My uncle called yesterday afternoon, said he was just making sure his phone was working because he was having problems with it or his cell provider (t-mobile). I said yep, it worked, haha. We each said we were doing fine and hung up (he doesn't like to talk long). But I was thinking to myself this is a guy with lots of friends (and local to him), why wouldn't he just quickly dial up one of them? LOL.  

I guess this morning is flu shot day at mom's place and she needs her insurance card. I told her I have that, but they should have a copy on file...for all the other flu and covid shots she got, but have them call me if they don't. 2 more calls from mom and she then wants me to just give her the info so she can write it down and take downstairs. 3 repeats later she has it written down. Then she calls again and I just say I will call the office right now and give them the info, so I called and the office lady gave me her email and I quickly scanned the card and emailed it to her. Should be good now, I hope. I'm just glad the wallet and card wasn't still at mom's - who knows where it would have been! The reason I took it was because she was constantly taking her insurance and ID card out of her wallet and hiding some place else, and then hid the wallet and purse someplace else....this was much easier to deal with, having it here with me. I should have just told her, the first call though, that I'd call the office and take care of it right then.

Ok, I'm finally jumping in the shower this morning!


  1. I would love to know how to cut layers in my hair. I cut 4 inches off last week. That's easy compared to layers. Maybe I need to YouTube that!
    Good luck:)

    1. YouTube is how I figured it out. There seems to be more than one method. I tend to take off small amounts, so I don't mess it up too much haha, and then keep taking a little more until I get it where it's looking ok. I have the hardest time getting the back part layered compared to the sides.

  2. I haven't been to a hairdresser since September 2019. Tried cutting my own hair and messed it up big time. SIS cut it down to a very short bob. Now, my hair is below my shoulders and I want to grow it a little longer. May be I will go to have a professional cut in the Spring. I am currently trying simple updos I find on YouTube. Kudos to you for being able to cut yur own hair.

    1. I don't have much style to my hair, LOL and since I keep it shoulder length or longer, it doesn't need much (especially if just in a pony tail). If I put the layers in and on occasion when I do take the time to use a curling iron, it turns out pretty good.

  3. I need to cut and layer my hair, but since I cut it way too short in the back, I need a professional to give me a pattern to follow. People who know I cut my hair say I do a good job, well I asked no one last time because I knew it was wrong! But, it is past time to do something with it. If I use a curling iron on my hair, it looks great! But, I rarely do that...lol.
    I suppose kitty needed a good run to wear himself out so he could relax and sleep.
    It is good that you keep things she hides. Otherwise, who knows where things would be.