Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Wednesday waiting for customer service

In April I purchased 2 cases of 12 cans each of canned chicken breast from Walmart online. It seemed like a great price for the large 12.5 oz cans. I paid $19.94 for 12. Now the price is $35.30 for 12 cans! I remember when I bought it thinking that $1.66 per can for those large sized cans was really cheap. I wonder if it was a mistake in their pricing because that is usually about the price of the smaller cans. Well, if it was, I'm glad I bought 2 cases at the time. I use it for our enchiladas I make.

I went online with my auto insurance company to add the side by side. I logged into my account but wasn't finding where I could add something like that when I clicked on "add vehicle". So then I logged out and went to their main website page and clicked on "get a quote" and was able to enter the info, as well as it asked if I already had a policy with them. When I added dh as a driver to it, it asked any accidents or tickets in the last 36 months. Well...he had a speeding ticket just shy 1 day of 36 months ago, LOL. So, I said yes, speeding ticket. My total quote, with the coverage I wanted was $185 per year, which I didn't think was too bad. Then one of the last questions it wanted to know the date of the ticket, so I put in 7/26/19. I know it was this date because we were on our way to dd's wedding (the 27th) and dh got a speeding ticket. Then it said ticket must be less than 36 months, so I guess it doesn't count now so I went back to the page it asked if any accidents or tickets and changed it to No. Then the price went down to $122/yr. Nice. I'm hoping now that ticket is off, when our car insurance policy renews in a few months, our cost will go down.

I remember that speeding ticket. We were both pretty sure it was bogus and the cop was lying about the speed. Of course they target out of state plates, just like they do here, because they know you won't come back and fight. Why do we know it was bogus? Dh had decided to take a slower more scenic route the last leg of the drive. We were driving along a river and had both dogs in the car. Our old yellow lab liked to have his head out the window. BUT -and this is key to our evidence, LOL - as soon as dh ever got up to 47 mpg the dog would always, without fail, pull his head back inside. He'd been doing this for years and we always would laugh when he did it because without fail the speedometer would be at 47. Cop said dh was doing like 53 or something. Well, that whole drive along that river, dog had had his head out the window.

Which also means today is dd and her dh's 3rd wedding anniversary.

Yesterday turned out fine. Payroll was a fairly easy, with only one little issue to wait for an answer on. I finally connected with my mom, back in her apartment, around 1:30. She was totally fine. She seems to have slept good last night, only up once at around 5am. She did have to get reminded to get ready to go down for breakfast this morning, but that's ok. That's why I hired the help, just in case.

The past year I've been trying to incorporate leftovers into our dinner meals more. DH was never one to like leftovers, but now I am managing to fit in one, sometimes 2 per week. It definitely cuts down on the food costs. He likes the enchiladas heated up for leftovers. I also try to fit in a "light" dinner meal night. Just soup or sandwiches, or even just a bowl of cereal. The new ham and cheese sliders make enough for leftovers and he will have those the next night or the next day for lunch. It's also nice to not have to make a meal every so often, since cooking dinner is not on my list of things I enjoy. But, the lighter dinners have not helped me lose any weight at all, bummer. 

I'm on my 4th day of my sugarless coffee, haha. I adjusted it a bit this morning. Less heavy cream. I was putting as much in as I normally put in regular creamer and it was too much. This mornings cup is better with a bit less cream. I'm still not loving the Stevia as far as sweetening it, so I ordered some of that Monkfruit sweetener to try, that reader Diane recommended. It hasn't shipped yet, so I don't think I'll get it until next week. Breakfast was the Activia yogurt. I'm just trying to finish what I have left, but with the amount of sugar in one of those cups, I'm going to stop getting those and figure out something else. Lunch yesterday was an egg fried in EVOO and some apple slices and a square of 85% dark chocolate. As an afternoon snack I had some blueberries - supposedly a great superfood, but certainly not one of my favorite things to eat. While dh had the leftover sliders for dinner, I had a salad of dark greens, walnuts and a few cranberries, drizzled with a little EVOO. I'm still trying to drink more water during the day and trying to increase my steps walked. These diet changes aren't going to happen overnight, but I'm just going to keep trying to implement them as much as I can.

Have you heard the recent news that the main studies done/accepted on Alzheimer's back around 2005 were fraudulent? A recent article in Science shares how fraudulent data served as the basis of the dominant yet controversial amyloid hypothesis of Alzheimer’s disease, which positions amyloid plaques (kinda like plaque on your teeth but in your brain) a primary cause of the disease.⁣ It's a long article by Science, but just makes one trust these "scientists" less and less, as well as the Pharma industry. It's just really all about getting the millions and billions of dollars.

Well, I guess I need to call Pottery Barn yet again to find out where this desk is. She had told me they would have an answer and contact me in 3-5 days. How about they just send me another desk and they find the missing one on their time and money? Wonder how long I'll be on hold this time....


  1. I ordered Hormel's Roast Beef and Gravy and the price in the store has gone up. I feel sure it was wrong online since it was less than half of the store price. It is delicious! A pouch of mashed potatoes and a can of green beans is delicious when time and energy are short.

    Funny about the 47-mph dog!

    Do you have a link for the study?

    1. here is a link to the article:

    2. I read the story. Absolutely horrid!

  2. I learned not to trust any study after working for a college professor. If the results of my research didn’t fit with what she wanted to show on her own project, she told me to redo it until it matched her agenda.

  3. Canned chicken has increased in price like crazy. It went up almost $1 per can at Costco. I have some in the pantry that I bought prior to the increase. I don’t use it very often, but my son and dil use a lot of it for different things. Wm was cheaper for awhile, but Costco is back to being cheapest again. I tend to buy a rotisserie chicken, shred it all up, and freeze it in small bags. Rotisserie chickens are still $5 at Costco, and they are big, so this works out cheaper than canned for me.


  4. I read about that Alzheimer's study too. It's shocking but should anything really shock us anymore?