Saturday, July 2, 2022

More on the trip and whatnot

Usually when we travel by car I bring my own pillow to use in hotels, so that I can at least sleep somewhat better, but I didn't want to be walking into a fancy hotel with a pillow, LOL. That first morning, as we were waiting for breakfast, chatting with some others, another lady said the same thing about the pillows and wished she'd brought hers. But since I pre-checked in and just had to go to the front desk to get our room keys and we parked in the underground parking garage that an elevator took us up to our room floor, I could have taken my pillow ;)

This was the view from our suite. That first night we got thunder and lightning and pouring rain! Then it cleared right up.

And the morning of the driving experience with the cars all lined up 

I see my mom's investment account finally got all transferred over to the new company. One less thing to worry about now. The 20 for 1 stock splits of Alphabet (Google) and Amazon have taken place recently, too. Let's hope that is beneficial in the near years to come.

I'm not loving my Fire tablet. I think the combination of the size (hopefully I will get used to that) and the cover, is what is bothering me. I think I'm going to try a better cover. When the top flap folds back underneath it's very loose feeling and if I lift the tablet up to shift my sitting position a bit or something it's flopping underneath. It has a plug in for my ear buds, which I sometimes use if I'm watching a show or sometimes when I go into the app for my mom's cameras, I can listen to her but for some strange reason the sound from that app will not work through the ear buds, the sound still comes out of the device speakers. Strange. The buttons for the speakers and the on/off need to be a bit bigger/stand out more. They also need to not be right next to each other.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for a quiet 4th of July this year, but not holding our breath. It would not surprise me one bit if neighbors son/family show back up this weekend. 

My dd made it home in record time, and on a Friday for holiday weekend, no less. Probably because everyone was going the opposite direction she was. She got home in 6 hours and 20 minutes. She must not have had traffic on the freeway to her house. She had brought one of her dogs with her, who also has some long mostly black fur, so I have some more dog hair vacuuming to do, LOL. He and the cat were almost friends by the time they left. She had brought her cooler so I sent her home with all that dog food and also a couple dozen eggs. It was funny, usually the chickens do 3 eggs a day. She got 3 eggs out of them the whole 3 days, haha. Apparently they didn't like the substitute chicken mom.

I'm sure dh will be mowing today. It's been since last Sunday he last mowed. Usually he has to do it every 4-5 days. I think he's just been worn out and trying to get rested up some the past 2 days. I have to say the combination of him having to pee every half hour and the trip went ok. He actually was able to go up to 2 hours in between. On the last leg of the way home he went 4 hours. He tried to say it was because he didn't drink much but we had gotten lunch at Burger King at 2pm and he got one of those huge cokes and had drank most of it over the course of the 4 hours home. I'm wondering/hoping it's that herbal supplement I researched and he started taking a week before we left, that is helping some. It doesn't do any good to ask him if it's "better" now because even if it was he'd never admit it LOL. But before he started taking that we could barely make the 40 minute drive to the city and he had to go as soon as we got to a store. And 15 minutes later he'd have to go again. I'm also trying to pay attention if he's getting up less during the night. Seems like he's only getting up once. 

Today's plan is to vacuum and put the washed sheets back on the guest bedroom. DD used our big walk in shower most of the days we were gone.



  1. The view from your hotel room was just stunning. Lucky you!

    1. it's a beautiful area of the county. High elevation too, 7000 ft

  2. Fire Tablets can not compare to Apple! I did that and regretted it! Vacation looks amazing!

    1. It does not compare to Apple, but for $100 I'll give it a try for awhile and see if I get used to it. My dd just bought a kindle reader and had it with her. Nice and small and light, but I don't think I want different devices for reading/internet time

  3. I don't care how fancy the hotel is, I am walking in with my pillow! I forgot it the one night and regretted it every minute. I usually take my pillow in with a fancy-ish ruffled pillowcase with another plain pillowcase on underneath. I do sleep on the ruffled around the edge pillowcase, but the other one is there in case I drop it or something I have a clean pillowcase. My pillow goes on the airplane and into the hospital. I do have a new beach bag that I will put it in now.

  4. Glad you had a good time & some fun.
    I would have taken my pillow. If the mattress sux that's one thing but I can't do a bad pillow.
    You had a pretty view :)

  5. What is the supplement that you purchased for your husbands bladder issue?