Sunday, July 31, 2022

Shopping spree

Yesterday turned into an unplanned outing. From his birthday dh has a gift card he hasn't used yet to Harbor Freight. He's been wanting this small air compressor they have to put in the garden shed, so he can easily blow off lawn tractor and push mower before he puts them back inside. They've been out of stock with the one he wants and he noticed it was finally back in stock.

He's also been wanting some shorts and some button up shirts. He's had several of these heavier long sleeved button "work" type shirts that he's had for years but he finally had to throw the last one out. I haven't been able to find any. The brand they were is no longer made and I tried to order a couple different ones online and they were a very thin material. Plus I told him I want him to pick out the type of shorts he wants.

We went to Harbor Freight first and ran into that lady that had tried to help us with our dog with her natural stuff. We chatted with her awhile and then dh got his air compressor as well as some tools he wants to put in a bag to carry in the side by side. Then we went over to Sportsmans Warehouse to look for shirts and shorts. They didn't have a huge selection and expensive, but just getting him into a clothes store and trying stuff on is like pulling teeth, so I was trying to get him as much as we could find, haha. He ended up with 2 shorts, a pair of pants, a shirt, some winter socks, and a bag of cinnamon bears he found at check out. $199. I didn't catch that the pants were $75. Everything was name brand stuff, so you are paying for the name.

It was 2:30 and we weren't quite ready to eat, so dh wanted to drive to another part of town, where the house is he grew up in. We were passing Cabela's and I said let's try there. Maybe we'll have more luck finding more shirts. He wanted both long and short sleeved.  They had some clearance items outside and I first stopped at some long sleeved shirts, but they were a soft, almost flannel type, but solid colors. He actually liked it, so we grabbed one of those for $17. Inside, they had lots more clothes and also a store brand with lots of choices and decent pricing.

He kind of went to town and even tried on some of the stuff. He got twice as much items at Cabelas for the same amount we spent at Sportsmans. We both decided we liked Cabelas much better and that would be where we shop for him from now on. At check out I was joking with the cashier this was our once a decade clothes shopping trip for him. LOL It pretty much is. About the only clothing I buy him every year is typically a couple pair of jeans (to replace too worn ones) and a few t-shirts and a new pair of tennis shoes.

Then just a few blocks over was the street he grew up on. Somehow he had heard that a guy he knew from growing up still lived in the same house near the house dh grew up in. DH said he remembered the family, but more specifically this guy because he drove a big semi truck and he was always really nice. I'm like how old his this guy now? LOL. Dh is like I don't know, has to be in his 70's. So, dh knocks on his door to see if he's home. I just stayed in the car, where the a/c was, since it was 101 outside. I turned on one of the comedy channels on SiriusXM radio. The guy was home and while he didn't remember dh specifically he definitely remembered his family name and dh's family, which house they had lived in. They visited awhile. Turns out the guy is 69 years old now, so  said to dh well, then he's really not a lot older than you are! Just 11 years, so he would have been in his early 20's when dh remembers him and dh said he seemed so much older to him, LOL.

One of the comedy clips I listened to was Phyllis Diller. Only old people like me will remember her LOL. I laughed at this one: "I didn't get my mother in law a Christmas gift this year, because she didn't use what I got her last year.........a cemetery plot!" LOL. 

Then we were both hungry and close enough to dinner time at 4:30 so we tried this nearby little drive up burger place that was pretty good and then headed home and got home about 5:30. At least I didn't have to make dinner then. DH went to the shop to put together the air compressor and I took a short nap, with the cat. Of course my mom called during my nap. I swear no matter what time of day on the weekends I take a nap is when she calls, but I answered and chatted with her awhile. 

The 1.3 Billion dollar Mega Millions?.........ya we won $2. 

DH ended up doing a temporary "fix" for the boaters and rafters using our street/driveway and yard for a turnaround. He had a bunch of 4" beams in about 4 ft lengths left from the build so he laid them along the side of our street (just on our property), spaced out far enough that they'd have to drive over them to turn around. Once summer river season is over he can easily pick up the beams and they won't be in his way for winter plowing. He's also considering making a sign that says "turn around at end of street". He also realized yesterday that someone actually tried to push on our gate to open it. It doesn't look like they backed their trailer into it, but he's guessing they thought if they could open it they could then pull in to then back up to turn around. The gate isn't locked, but it is on an automatic gate opener so trying to force it open like that could break it. He also put his little game camera out there, just to see if anymore try to drive through. We drove by the boat launch area (it's actually over a mile and a half from us) and it was packed. They could just drive about another 8 miles down the road and there is another boat launch that is wide open with more than enough parking.

I'm really trying with the less sugar but dang, it's really ruined the one thing that is my favorite thing - my one and only cup of coffee when I get up in the morning! It's my favorite thing of the whole day, haha. I tried the heavy cream (not too bad) instead of the processed french vanilla creamer. I've tried Stevia and now I've tried Monkfruit in place of sugar. Liking neither of those, though if I had to use one Monkfruit would be better, but it's super expensive. Maybe I'll stick with this new method but just have my regular good tasting cup of coffee like 2 days a week, haha.


  1. My ex used to LOVE clothes shopping - but I would rather have had all my teeth out than go with him! When I was young (and had the figure for it!!!) I enjoyed it too. Now, not so much!

    1. My dh would rather I just do it all LOL, but with his weight changes I'm tired of guessing and then having to return.

  2. I buy the sugar free French vanilla creamer at Walmart think it tastes the same or similar

    1. I have used that sugar free creamer in the past too and found it tastes fine. I'm just trying to get away from sugar, artificial sweeteners and processed foods as much as possible. The ingredients in the creamer are full of that, haha.
      Water, Corn Syrup**, Sunflower Oil, Maltodextrin, Less than 2% of Natural and Artificial Flavors, Sodium Caseinate (a Milk derivative*), Dipotassium Phosphate, Polysorbate 60, Mono and Diglycerides, Color added, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Cellulose Gel, Cellulose Gum, Carrageenan, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, *Not a source of Lactose, **Adds a trivial amount of Sugar

  3. Try cutting your sugar to 3/4 teaspoon then 1/2 and a 1/4. I got down to 0 from 2 teaspoons a few years ago. Still 0 sugar.