Saturday, October 31, 2020

Saturday what not

It was a busy morning. I was up at my normal time (I have dogs, LOL). Had a little time before I had to leave at 9:15 to clean the kitchen, make the bed, etc. And one of the neighbors dogs started in with the barking non stop about 7:30 this morning. So, of course dh couldn't sleep in. I don't even know why they have dogs. They aren't even home on the weekends to spend time with them. I ended up emailing neighbor to let them know it's been a bad week of barking, for some reason.

I picked my mom up around 10am. My first stop was going to be Lowes to pick up 2 things I ordered yesterday online, but I realized I hadn't received the email that the order was ready to pick up. Usually they send that within a couple hours and here it was the next day. So, I had to go inside. Turns out they were out of one item, and behind on calling to let me know it was out and did I still want the other item. Yes, please.

Then we went to a grocery store. My mom had a small list, which included grapes, so Target was out, haha. I wanted to get a few things I forgot on my list and dh had texted to get even more water and his mountain dew than usual. He's worried the country may go crazy after the election next Tuesday. I was also waiting for Walmart's email letting me know what they were out of with my order (always something) so I could get it while at this store. It was already 11am (my pick up time) and no email yet. Then I got one saying sorry, they are running late and still working on my order. So, we went ahead and paid for our stuff and took it out to my car. Then I got the notification of the 3 things they were out of, so I ran back in the store real quick while my mom waited in the car.

Waited a few minutes at Walmart and then they got my order brought out and loaded up. I got my mom back to her place about 11:45, just in time for lunch at noon. It's her day to eat in dining room. If she gets to eat in dining room it's noon. If they bring the meal to her room, it's usually not until 12:30.  Since I had groceries (some cold and frozen, in my cooler and insulated bags) I didn't want to take time to go get lunch at fast food. Besides we'd just have to eat in the car and I didn't really feel like that either. I could be home by 12:30ish, so I just headed home.

I received my new property tax statement in the mail. It looks like my mortgage payment will need to go up about $100/mo to cover it. I need to do some checking on if I am getting a good deal on my homeowners insurance. Seems kind of high at almost $2800 a year! I had just gone with a company we used for construction insurance and then didn't shop around for regular homeowners. That's now on my to do list, though my policy renewed last August. I guess if I decided to change mid year, they'd just have to reimburse the prorated amount and it would apply as a credit to my escrow. I'm not really sure how that works, but at a minimum I will shop around by next August to see if I can find a cheaper policy to start when this one ends. I need to dig out the paperwork so I can see exactly what I have in coverage so I am comparing apples to apples.


  1. I am pretty strategic abut my shopping-in, selelct, check out, fgo, so havne't done pick up yet. With cases growing though, I may do so, and see if my MIL will be willing to do her shopping in the same way.I'm not sure the size of you rhouse, but since it would be for replacing the home, as lanf would already be there, it may be on th ehigh side. I think we are at about $1500 wiht a pretty comprhensive plan, in a moderalty priced part of our state.

    1. I love the grocery pick up, it saves so much time. I do wish we could tip the people loading - they deserve it :)
      The insurance probably is in the ball park, but it would probably be fiscally responsible of me to at least get a couple of quotes to see.