Monday, October 26, 2020

Cold weather and vacuums

Brrr. Still very cold at 3 degrees when I got up. Had to thaw out the frozen chicken waterer again. The heated waterer I ordered last week should be here today (just in time that I don't need it now, for awhile, after today, haha). It's supposed to get up to 37 today and then warmer and warmer. ok by me, LOL. I will need to get a bunch of groceries by next weekend, so that is good the weather will be warm.

Just trying to get caught up this morning with 2 days of work emails. Not too bad, but one more day off would have been nice ;). But, I have a state business tax return to get filed by today and then tomorrow is payroll processing day, so I really didn't want to jump into the week starting with doing payroll.

Our neighbors down at the end of the street (young couple) are trying to get their shop and garage built, but same old story. Delays and delays. The guy is so frustrated and said he is so sick of contractors. DH told him we FINALLY had our last one here, last Friday, to replace one of the garage door panels. DH forgot this guy is a cousin to our builder, haha! The guy says "I didn't know he could build a house this nice"....DH said he was being very nice and diplomatic about the builder (still not remembering he was his cousin) and then partway into the conversation dh remembered. DH did say "well, to be honest he didn't really build it. He was only here like 3 times during the whole build (like 15 months). His son and crew framed it and we ended up getting quite a few of the subs ourselves.". DH got the vibe he really didn't care much for his cousin, the builder and apparently does not like his wife, LOL. We never met her.

My new sheets are supposed to get here today. Actually they were supposed to come Saturday but got delayed by FedEx. My Amazon subscribe and save items (mostly dog stuff) was supposed to come last Friday and got delayed until today, too. The doggies didn't get their brushing chew this morning as I am out. I hope the sheets come early enough today for me to have time to wash and dry and get them on the bed before bedtime tonight.

I delayed this post until after lunch to see if my eating scrambled eggs again helps with the afternoon sleepiness. I didn't try it over the weekend, since we had company and then yesterday I didn't care because I knew I was taking a nap anyway, LOL. It's 2:15 and I'd say still success. I don't feel like I'm going to fall asleep at my desk.

I unplugged my printer last week, when DH was cleaning the windows, so he could get to the window without the printer on the desk. Now it won't work. What the heck. I haven't used it since then. Either that caused it or our power went out shortly the other night, but it's never caused my printer to not work before. Says it's offline.Ok, well that was easy. I had it plug in the wrong spot in the back :/

Anyone use a good vacuum for LONG pet hair? I need something that doesn't wrap around the brush. I have this expensive Dyson that is supposed to be great for animal hair. Yes, it's great for picking up/suction/cleaning, but it is NOT great for all the fur (and my long hair) wrapping around the brush. I literally have to stop after each room and cut away the hair. Yet, it still manages to suck into the brush motor/housing and after a few uses gets all stuck in there and hot and actually burns the plastic. This is a stupid brush system in this model. It is 2 brushes and the 2 roller/brushes meet partway with the motor/housing in between them, so the fur and hair just sucks in on both sides. DH is sick and tired of having to take it apart constantly to get the fur/hair out of it and I am sick and tired of having to stop after each room and cut off the fur/hair wrapped around it.

I have read some reviews of these newer vacuums that are supposed to be "tangle free". The reviews seem mixed. My dogs fur is like 4 inches (or longer in some areas) long. I need to figure out something that works better. I also literally try to pick up as much of the fur as possible before I vacuum. I will rub my tennis shoes over the carpet and pick up a bunch (even though you can't see it) and still gets clogged in the vaccum. (it's my hair too, I think I shed just as bad as he does, LOL).  I'm thinking at a minimum, a vacuum that just has a full brush straight across. Even with having to cut out the fur/hair constantly, it's better than one like I have where is gets into the parts and has to be completely taken apart.

While it would otherwise be an awesome vacuum, just not for what I am dealing with. That section that splits the 2 brushes houses the brush motor and the fur/hair sucks inside there and gets so hot it melts the plastic, insdie and also will smell like burned hair when I am vacuuming. I had bought a whole replacement head, not too long after I bought the vacuum (2017) because while I was cutting out the hair off the brush all the time, I didn't realize it was sucking inside there. Dh took it apart and saw what it was doing. I got the extra one, but after time now (a few years) it's about done for. I really do not want to spend $130 for a whole new brush head part.


  1. Miele is supposed to be good but expensive. I am going to get one of those when I am Have you heard anything about those?

  2. Our floors are tiled and we have an 8x10 rug (the pile is about 1/2 inch) in the living room that gets tons of dog hair on it. For the rug we use a shop vac. It works great for us and was bought just for rugs. Was having the same problem as you and found this to solve it for us.

    1. I can really see how that would work good on a rug, but my whole upstairs is carpeted (as well as master bedroom downstairs) and it would be too hard to vacuum it all that way, I think.

  3. Shark® Navigator® Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Upright Vacuum. It works great. I have dogs,cats and long hair and nothing gets wrapped around the brush. They are not very expensive.

    1. I was just looking at that one and the reviews online yesterday! I was thinking this may be the one - thanks for the input, I really appreciate it!! I also did like the price, too.