Sunday, January 19, 2020


We haven't had any more snow the past couple of days and it's warming up to the 40's during the day starting today. The snow shoveling and plowing was good activity for DH, so we need more, haha!

I reminded my mom about her jewelry, that when DD and I spent the weekend with her she and DD went through all her jewelry, DD took a bunch, a bunch went to Goodwill and she just kept a little bit in one small jewelry box. Then she sort of remembered and thanked me for letting her know. She starting to realize more how forgetful she is getting. I also reminded her we have her diamond wedding ring in DD's safe, for safekeeping. She's like, you should just sell it, LOL.

DH was doing some google map exploring online yesterday. He was trying to find my grandparents old ranch. I was only ever there maybe 5 or 6 times, between ages 10-22. He said do you think your half sister remembers the address? I laughed and said there are no addresses out there! LOL. But, I had a few bits of info to add to his search - the road name out to their place and that it was 26 miles from their town. Then I drew out a little layout of their house, barn etc. and how the creek (pronounced "crick" haha) ran by their house. He then was able to find it. Of course no one lives there anymore. My biological dad had sold it all to a neighbor rancher about 30 years ago. But, it all gave DH something to do for a few hours. He's good at research like that. DH and I will have to take a trip over there sometime. It would be about a 6 1/2 - 7 hour drive.

I was trying to find my childhood photo album to show DH a few ranch pictures, but it must be still packed with his photo albums in a bin out in the shop. Instead in the dresser drawer (with some older photo albums my mom had made when I was little, before I started taking my own pics) I came across something I thought I didn't have anymore. I thought I had given it to my half sister, but apparently not. It's an old sketch book with loose sketches in it that our dad had drawn. Pencil and ink sketches, mostly of ranch life, animals and landscape. He was really good. I think I'll frame a couple to put in my house. My half sister wants me to scan copies to her. He was also a good guitar player. Neither of us inherited a lick of his artistic or musical talent, unfortunately. But, on a good note, neither of us inherited his alcoholism and irresponsibility, either.

Neighbor dogs and dog guests have been fairly quiet - mostly because the people are home with them, rather than being out doing stuff. Mr. and his son went hunting, I guess, but Mrs, DIL and kids are staying home.


  1. I have friends who make good money doing genealogical research. It is good your mother realizes how forgetful she is. But, she may forget that. Has she gone out and socialized again?

    1. No, she hasn't socialized again. But it does sound like when she goes down to eat meals she sits at the bigger table with the group and does get to socialize some each day there, so that is good, too.