Wednesday, January 8, 2020

I need a nap today

Our electrician was here most of the morning trying to figure out why our lights flicker and why every 9 minutes. Well, sounds like he figured it out. DH has 2 things plugged in down in our crawl space (on this same wiring circuit as living room): a dehumidifier and a pump that pumps the water out. Electrician thinks its the pump. Or it was that he rewired the dimmer switch. He's not for sure what fixed it, because after he changed out the dimmer switch he didn't wait to see if it would do it again or not, then he went down and unplugged the stuff down there. He kept trying to blame it on the power company and we keep saying then why isn't the whole house doing it? Whatever was causing it seems to have gotten resolved now, so that is the main thing. He's just not sure what resolved it.

I've spent the morning figuring out a really really messy customer remittance. They had a large credit balance from a big CM we issued and we mutually agreed to apply to outstanding invoices owed at the time, leaving still a $15k credit balance, so I sent them a refund check for the remaining credit balance. Now, 3 months later they send a remittance check, where they show applying that CM to all those invoices and then took that $15k remaining credit balance and applied it to some newer invoices that have been added to their account in the last 3 months. can't do that. LOL. We already refunded you the credit balance. But, it was such a messy deal that it took me half the morning to figure out what in the heck they did.

Before Christmas my mom realized she was out of checks, so I ordered some through her bank online and  they were delivered the Saturday after Christmas. She knew she was waiting on checks to write her Jan rent check. Now I'm wondering if she remembered to write hasn't cleared her bank yet and I would think it would by now. Last month was actually her first rent payment (She had 2 months free) and it cleared by the 6th of the month. I guess I'm going to need to ask her about that to make sure. Though I would think the manager would check back in with her if they didn't get the check. When I visited her last time they had given her a paper that offered auto payment but we had kind of decided to just hold off and have her keep paying with a check, if she was only going to stay there a few more months.

It was about a half hour ordeal yesterday afternoon figuring out her AOL password situation. She apparently didn't write down what she changed it to on Sunday (nor did she even actually remember changing it). So, we had to have her change it again, so that I could know what it is. Trying to get her to figure out how to type in a new one was so hard. Plus, she was upset with herself for not writing it down before, and/or loosing the password list in the first place. She said "see, this is what is starting to happen to me and I don't like it". I said I know, it must be really hard, but we'll do our best between the 2 of us to keep track of you! I told DD later, well, the good thing, I guess, about her memory is she'll soon forget she was upset with herself.  I just talked to her today and she sounded very good. I think she kind of likes now being able to do things on her own timeline (like taking a shower, haha)- I'm sure before she was probably doing whatever BF felt her schedule should be.

She does seem to know that I do call all the time/regularly as she will almost always say "I sure do appreciate you calling me every day".

I made my Mturks goal again yesterday and today (with 2 hours left in my sit at my desk work day) I am .50 away from the goal, so I'll probably make it.  I am really feeling tired this afternoon. I don't think I slept very well and I usually don't have a hard time waking up (I don't need an alarm) but I hard a hard time waking up this morning.

We just had a little snow blizzard for like 10 minutes and now it's stopped and the sun is shining. Crazy weather.


  1. I suppose she is holding her own as long as she remembers that she forgets.

    Electricity scares me. My house burned down when I was four from electrical problem.

    1. She's doing ok for the most part. We had a neighbors house burn down when I was like 11, that was scary enough for me.