Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sunday stuff

Saturday was a pretty boring/not do much day. I slept in about an extra half hour. It keeps raining, so most of the snow we had covering the ground is almost gone. Seems so strange to see our lawn. usually we don't see that until the end of March around here. One weather app on my phone shows some snow today, another one I have shows rain. The rainy app usually is right and I hope so for today, as I need to make a run into town for a  few groceries today. We are completely out of milk and will be out of bread after lunch today.

For dinner last night I made a tuna casserole, but after getting it started realized I am out of  green onions (I buy them prechopped and freeze). The casserole sure didn't have as good of taste without those green onions, pretty blah.

I'm very close to my goal for MTurks this first month of the year. I'm at about $200 with 5 more days to earn. Hopefully I'll get to my $250 goal. Weekends are hard. I only earned $2.30 yesterday but this morning was much better and I'm at $4.61 while just sitting here drinking my coffee and browsing the web.

I'm not sure what all I'm doing today. If I don't have any brownie mix, I think I'll pick some up when I go to the store. I'm craving some chocolate. Or I'll see if I have the ingredients to make from scratch. Pretty sure I have some cocoa in the pantry. I need to brush our long haired dog. The king of shedding dogs. I don't know if I posted about his ear infection the past week or so, but I ordered some hyrdrortizone type ear drops for dogs and that cleared it up within a few days, so I'm very happy about that. Saved a trip to the city, to the vet, a big vet bill and expensive vet meds. I did get our other dog's nails trimmed yesterday. They are so thick and hard. I hate doing them, but has to be done. For some reason that other dogs nails never need trimming. It's the strangest thing.

I should vacuum, but my leg is hurting still. Friday night our dog (like 85#) that sleeps on the bed jumped up on my side and right onto my leg. Usually he will go over to the empty side (because dh is still up) and jump up.

I'll probably finish up a book I'm reading and just got 2 emails this morning that two books I've been on waiting list with library are ready to borrow. One is the latest Lee Child/Jack Reacher book, so I'm happy about that.


  1. I hope your leg gets better soon. I keep telling myself I am going to get on Mturks. But, there are several sites and they have to have too much personal information. Can you give me the address of a safe site? I want chocolate, too.

    1. The site is It's been a few years since I signed up, so I don't remember all what info they wanted, but I remember it took a couple of weeks for me to get approved.