Sunday, January 12, 2020


I have about $110 left on my $500 Visa gift card (purchased some more Roman shades window treatments, with some of it). I decided I'm going to buy a new duvet insert and cover. The cover I have has a tear in it and for all the years I've had it I HATE it - it's too small and barely goes over the sides of my mattress. Neither the down alternative comforter (insert) or the duvet cover were expensive. The comforter was a good deal from Kohl's and it's been a great comforter, very warm. The duvet cover was from Ikea, also a good price. Just an off-white color. But, in addition to the size, I've always hated the opening to insert the comforter. It's super small and narrow. Just dumb.

A king sized mattress is 76" wide. My mattress is about 10" tall. So I need at least a comforter and duvet cover to be at least 96" wide to cover the sides of the mattress.

So, I was searching online for "oversized" king duvets to see what I could find. In the meantime, my current bedding is being washed and dried. As I'm remaking my bed. I looked at the tag on the bottom of my comforter. It says it's 90x102. Well, geez - 102 should be plenty wide enough. I spread it out and it actually does go down just to the bottom of my mattress, on each side. Then I got the duvet cover out of the dryer and laid it down on top of the comforter. It's way smaller! No wonder it's never fit my bed! How I have gone all these years without figuring out it was just the duvet cover that is the issue, I have no idea.

So, now I do not need to also buy a new comforter, just a new duvet cover! I'm not spending a ton on this one either. But, I think I'm going to try a green one - kind of a dusty pine green, if the color is correct in the ad. I found one that is reversible - green on one side and grey on other, so I ordered it from Amazon for $43. It will be nice to have one with color, for a change. And I still have $65 on my gift card.

A touch more snow early this morning. Supposed to get 1-3" today. I'm hoping so. The little bit we had yesterday got DH outside for an hour or two. While I was inside cleaning I noticed what I thought were geese down in the river on the other side. I got out the binoculars and it was 6 of them, busy swimming and diving down in a shallow area of the river, where it's less current. In the blink of an eye something swooped down into my binocular view and I'm guessing maybe tried to grab a fish the geese had. I'm not sure, it happened so fast. If it was on of the bald eagles, I doubt they were trying to get one of the geese, but wouldn't be surprised if it was trying to steal the fish.

Then later one of the dogs and I were walking down the stairs and he barked and noticed something outside the dining room windows. It was a group of 11 wild turkeys, moseying their way between our and neighbors house, across their driveway and then their front lawn and out the other side, LOL.


  1. A duvet cover that is the right size is a good way to spend part of your gift card! I'm glad you don't have to buy a new comforter, as well.

  2. I like bedding that goes beyond the bottom of the mattress because one or two people under the bedding causes the blankets to come up to the top of the mattress. Maybe I am Having binoculars is handy. I have not seen wild turkeys in a long time.

  3. The duvet cover I bought from Ikea ran very small, too. Great job figuring out that was the problem.

  4. We rarely see eagles here and I've NEVER seen wild turkeys! Have lovely!

    1. "How lovely" - don't have my glasses on!

    2. The wild turkey's crack me up, for some reason. haha. Bald eagles are pretty rare to see here too, but luckily we have two in a nest across the river from us, so we do get to see them every so often