Thursday, June 28, 2018

Too much to do Thursday

My company made it's revenue goal for mid year (with 2 days to spare) and we will be getting our bonus checks! Woo! Rather than a live check, as they have always been in the past, they are just doing direct deposit and will be in our accounts on Tuesday. Even better. Now I do not have to wait for a check to come in the mail (since I'm not at the office to pick it up) nor do I have to then make a trip into the city to deposit my check (since it's too large to deposit via mobile deposit). We were also told that they are going to add an additional goal - if we can make that by the end of the year (on top of the original goal) we will get double our bonus at year end. Wouldn't that be nice!

I'm trying to get caught up on a couple of things with work and trying to get it done before the holiday. Next week will be a nice short work week. Tuesday is a half day and then we get Wednesday and Thursday off. I'm sure that also means nothing will get done out at the property, either. You know, because one day of holiday turns into 3,4, or 5 days...

The insulation guys have been supposed to come for over a week now. Still no show. Now builder says they will be here on Friday. Now supposedly his son that does the patio concrete work will be coming on Saturday to set the forms for it. I can't imagine that would be too hard to do or take too long. It's just around the outside edges of the patio. The concrete is scheduled to be poured Monday and Tuesday. I'm not sure why it needs 2 days for it, I didn't think to ask DH why.

Still no interest in our house. Zillow shows it with 10 saves and over 250 views. But, it's only been 2 weeks. Just figured we'd at least have a couple of showings by now. But, like I also told DH, we are just a bit outside of the "bubble" that is the hot market in the city near us. People around here just think a 45 minute drive (in zero traffic) to commute to work is too much. Everyone we know from where we used to live just laugh and say they wish they could have an easy 45 minute drive. After me emailing my list of what we did to the place, our realtor emailed me back that he added in the description that the garage and shop are heated (those are nice features! he said).

No email about book club tonight. I'm assuming they are just not having it anymore. From what I could tell (by their list of books read in the past) they have been together quite a few years. I wonder what seems to have made it fizzle out after all these years.

We went out to the property for a little bit after dinner last night and took the dogs with us. DH doesn't take them when there is work going on, not to mention it's been pouring rain the past 2-3 weekends, so we haven't taken them with us then, either. But they got to go last night. As we pulled in neighbor was outside with his 3 dogs. We chatted with him awhile and the dogs played together. Our older dog was having a ball playing with their youngest dog. It's nice to see our old dog run and play still. He really doesn't like to play with our other dog, LOL.

Speaking of neighbors, DH got to meet the wife of the people building down on lot 7. Eh....he said "you know when sometimes you just instantly like and click with someone.....well guess I didn't with her." Lots  younger, which could be part of the reason. Plus he said she seemed kind of nosy, in a looking down at you kind of way.  Guess we'll see, but first impressions are usually pretty accurate. We pretty much instantly clicked with the neighbors that already  live out there, directly next door to us.

Back to work - lunch break over.  


  1. I suppose your dog knows these are new young friends, and the old dog at home is to stuffy for him.

    I don't think I like that woman either. lol...who like a nosy person who looks down her nose at you> Not me.

    Hopefully, people will start looking at your place.

    1. the funny part is this is our old almost 10 year old dog (the other is 6 now) that was doing all the playing. It was cute to watch. There is something about being out at the property that just makes him act full of energy.

  2. Congrats on the bonus! I knew you would make it. I agree that first impressions are usually accurate. Even if you think otherwise after some sort of established friendship, soething happens and you go back to your first impression. Happened to me a lot.

    1. DH seems to have a better initial reading on people than I do and he's usually right. I always try to look for the best in everyone and usually miss the not so good at first.

  3. Woohoo for the nice bonus! I'm sure you'll be putting it to good use! It will be interesting to see what types of neighbors you end up with. You've certainly had some doozies in the past!