Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday ramblings

When DH meets certain people he has a way of making an instant connection. Not everyone he meets, of course, but it happens quite often.  Me, never happens to, LOL. I think he's just more friendly than me. I always feel like I'd be coming on too strong - or maybe it's a difference between guys and gals? do guys bond easier?

When he met our neighbor across the street they had an instant connection. He's had to meet up with the electric co-op guy several times and email. He lives in the area (commutes to city) and they seem to have connected well. DH sent him an email that his crew guys came out and hooked up the power Wednesday (he just does the initial staking out) and to thank him for all his help and feel free to stop by there anytime and they can share a laugh over DH's building adventures. He replied back "thanks for being a friend, I drive by there every day and see it's making progress". He also connected really well with the guy that did our rockery wall. They still talk on the phone off and on.

So, the electrical meter panel we bought? Apparently missing parts! The electrician said it should have come with the $100 in parts I had to buy Wednesday. He actually called the manufacturer, spent like an hour on the phone with them and they agreed. Not sure what/why the one we got didn't. It kind of sounds like he and mfg. is making the electrical supply place deliver us a new one, that has all the parts it's supposed to and I should be getting a refund back on what I spent Wednesday.

Observation: living here compared to ultra metro area. The people you talk to on phone (or sometimes in person) with various service companies are so much nicer and friendlier. I don't know how to describe it. It's like they are more relaxed and actually listen. Whether it's someone from garbage, electric, telephone, etc, they all seem that way. It's like they actually enjoy their jobs. It's kind of refreshing.  They always tell you to have a nice day, but it genuinely sounds like they mean it, LOL.

I told my DD it's a good thing she's engaged and all spoken for or else I'd be making her move here and setting her up with any of these nice young men we keep meeting. They are all so dang polite (and nice looking too!). Builder has 4 sons - all so nice and polite and every one of them nice looking and hard working. Finally got to meet our neighbor across the streets youngest son. He's 23, wild fire fighter. So handsome. They must grow 'em right around here LOL. Plus  they all seem so grounded. Don't even get me started on if I see a young (or old,  haha!) cowboy! There's just something about a guy in a cowboy hat, I'm telling ya and it's certainly common to see around here, that's for sure.

And another thing - if a company doesn't have a "quick ship/same day ship" item in stock why list it as a "quick ship" item??!!  Why show the ship date as the date ordered, and not change it to a future date, if you don't have the damn stuff in stock. Oh I know, how about you order more for production BEFORE you start getting really low and run out?! This is what is going on with what I ordered for our shop and garage from where I work. (We rep the mfg'r). I ordered it a week ago, still hasn't shipped and now they are saying estimated 6/21.  I don't know how our customer service and sales people deal with this kind of stuff every day.

Speaking of work.....big boss (one of the owners) sent out an email to everyone today that we need to make this bonus payout  happen one way or the other. We need to be closer to our goal. It's kind of sounding like if we are pretty close, they'll pay it out. They should. The last 2 months payments from one our of mfg's have been almost double what we expected, just that in itself is enough to cover the mid year bonus's. I think we'll get there.

Being so busy the past couple of weeks, and adding in off and on rain we've been getting, we hadn't started watering our lawn yet. Well, all of a sudden this week it's looking dry and starting to turn brown. DH got the sprinkler out yesterday and we watered morning and evening. Watered really good again this morning. Gotta keep it looking nice since it's for sale, that's for sure.

It's payday. Time to pay some bills.


  1. I agree the smaller town service companies are so much nicer! Usually it is done quicker - in my experience at least.

  2. I agree about smaller places being friendlier too. I suppose there is always the other side of the coin in that everyone knows your business too but .... I remember when my ex lived here he needed a resident's permit (for France). I came home one day and found it in the mailbox. When I stopped in at the Mairie for something else I mentioned this and she just said "oh I was passing by so thought I would just deliver it". Nice huh!

  3. There is something to be said for small communities. They tend to be much easier going, that's for sure!

  4. Maybe if your daughter visited you, you could arrange for work by all these young men. Girls have been known to become distracted. There are only 60K people who live in this large county. Some of the service is excellent, quick, and beyond what is expected. Your husband's friendliness is an asset in getting things done.

    1. Somehow I doubt her daughter's fiancee would appreciate this. Lol