Thursday, May 24, 2018

Relief in resolution

The concrete slabs are supposed to be poured on Tuesday. The plumber is supposed to come tomorrow. It rained a big bunch last night. Not good. Can't pour slabs if it's all soaked with water. But, it does look like (keeping fingers crossed!) the weather is now supposed to change to hot and 80 between now and Tuesday. Let's hope it all dries out. The weather report changes almost daily, so it's hard to say. DH got the forms set for the shed/chicken coop yesterday. Overall it's all looking so much better and "finished" there, rather than big piles of dirt everywhere. Too bad we are a month or more behind now.

DH chatted a bit yesterday morning with our property neighbor as she was leaving for work. She is very bummed about her job, of course. She is going to get transferred to an office in the city and have to commute, which she isn't looking forward to. But she said she has 5 more years to get vested for retirement and be able to retire (I think she is around 62 or so). She said in the winter months, she does have a friend she could stay with overnight, if the roads are too bad to drive back and forth on.

as for my website issue(s). I was able to at least figure out how to get into the Joomla admin control panel and check the caching and Gzip compression. The caching was set to default as disabled, so I enabled that. The Gzip compression was already set at disabled, so that was correct. I replied back to the "ticket" on the issue and got a reply back that CPU usage was still high and he pointed me in the direction of some large databases on the account. Well, at that point it's completely beyond me. I sent DS an email to the address he's always had, hoping it was still good. I then texted DD and asked her if she she still had the ph# he texted her from, which she gave me and I texted him, letting him know I sent an email with the info, if he could help me. He did reply back and went in and deleted the databases (they were for some old website that isn't really active anymore, so he's not sure how that would make high CPU usage) and I emailed Host Gator back on my "ticket" and they replied back that that fixed the issue. I have to say Host Gator is very quick to reply back. I'm impressed with that.

In my asking DD for his ph# I asked her when the last time she heard from him was (last I knew was around last May/June, when he told her his GF was pregnant, due in January). She said around September. I said last we could figure out on him (because we had figured out who his GF was on Facebook) was they must have broken up around August, as her status changed. DD said that he told her she had a miscarriage and the reason they broke up was because they were living with her brother and DS wanted them (she already has a 10 year old) to move out to their own place and she did not want to because living there she had a babysitter for her son, so she could go out and party on weekends. Nice 30 something mom, eh? The miscarriage is most likely a blessing in disguise, is all I can say. It was a actually a relief to me.

I also had to fix two other issues last night, while I had my "computer tech" hat on. Both Dh and I still use AOL for email. Every login to check mail an "enable location" box pops up. No matter how many times we check yes (or no) and save setting, it pops up. It was just getting plain annoying. I googled how to turn it off in Firefox and now that seems to be fixed. The other issue was DH sat down to work on a video he had started a previous day. None of the video or pics would load into Movie Maker. They were just blank squares where the pictures should have been. All his video and pics are saved on an external drive. When I hovered over any of the squares in Movie Maker it showed a link to his F: drive. But for some reason his external drive (he plugs and unplugs it when not using it) was now showing as G:drive so it wasn't recognizing any of his pics or videos. I have no idea how/why it got changed from F to G, but another google search and I was able to find out how to easily rename it from G to F. Problem solved.

Gosh, I'm ready for the weekend to be here.


  1. Some miscarriages are a blessing. So, this is the son you are estranged from yet he helps you by responding quickly. Well, that is a good thing for your relationship I suppose. I wish I had more knowledge or someone to help me with my computer problems. I can do a few things, but then it becomes all beyond me.

    You are putting a slab in for chickens to live on? I know people do that, but I could not bear if for my chickens.

    I see places ready for concrete to be poured where they have laid down plastic to keep it from filling up with water. Would that help your place? They make really wide plastic for this. I hope all the work comes together for you.
    Practical Parsimony

    1. Yes this is the estranged son. I'm surprised he helped. Last time we needed him to do something with the website (almost 2 years ago now, just before we were moving)he did not want to cooperate or help at all. I was expecting the same this time. We aren't going to do a concrete slab in the chicken coop half, just in the lawn tool shed. But the coop will have concrete foundation perimeter that walls and fencing will be built on, so that no predators will be able to dig underneath the fencing.

  2. Maybe this is the soft opening you need for your son. I would text back a thank you and how is he doing? An I love you never hurts. I think you're ready to be over this.

    1. Well, we are ready to be over this, for sure. But he doesn't appear to be. I didn't get anything else out of him other than the replies required to fix the issue (which really only took him about 5-10 minutes).

    2. oh and yes, I thanked him several times