Monday, May 14, 2018

Let's get this week started

I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day. I was up my normal 7:15 or so and DD saw I was on Facebook, so she called me. An hour earlier where she is. She was up so early because she had house full and they were all getting ready to go to the hospital for the day. Still no good news on that front, I'm sorry to say. Her fiance and his dad stayed the night at the hospital and his mom, future SIL's bf and some other relatives who came to town to see her, all stayed at DD's house. They were able to get fiance's boss to come over and let their dog out for a break around noon or so. He said he put him on a leash and took him for a jog around the block, so I'm sure that helped get his energy out. Today DD is working from home for a half day and then going to the hospital again.

I called my mom later in the morning, as I know she doesn't get up that early. LOL. We didn't have a whole lot to chat about, as we had just talked a couple days prior. DH called his mom. She doesn't talk very long these days and half the time he tries to talk to her on the phone she accidentally hangs up, LOL.

We didn't do too much yesterday. Just relaxed mostly and in the afternoon DH mowed the lawn and sprayed for weeds. I just made an easy skillet dinner meal. We were going to sit on the porch and eat, but by then it was getting a little "buggy" outside.

DH was up and at 'em early this morning to get out to the property, where work is being finally started again after almost a week of nothing done. The craziest thing happened to him on Friday, while he was out there, working by himself. He turned around and there was some lady, with a shopping cart and two dogs standing in our street! What. In. The. World.??!!  The nearest town grocery store is almost 10 miles away. The nearest town from the direction she appeared to have come was 20 miles away. DH couldn't really tell how old she was. She asked how far it was to our town and DH told her 9 1/2 miles. She said "oh wow. I've already been walking a long time". DH asked her where she came from. She said the city....umm...that is 45 miles away! Then she asked if she could use the sanican. Ok, sure.  And then off she went.  Later, when DH was coming home he saw her walking on the road toward town, about halfway there. So strange. That is definitely not something you see out here in our rural area. Not to mention it's still getting almost to freezing at night.

I'm hoping some good progress gets made on the property today. The older retired guy who is going to cut up our trees for lumber stopped by last night. It sounds like he is going to try and get that done today, too. He's the busiest retired guy I know. LOL.

I came across the cutest sign on Amazon. I'm so getting this for our laundry room! Only $10.

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  1. LOVE that sign! That IS so strange about that woman. It would be weird where I am as well.

    Glad you had a relaxing and good Mother's Day!