Thursday, May 3, 2018

A new worry

Oh boy. I get to trade one worry for a new one! My online medical chart just updated with my mammogram results and recommends I have my left breast re-tested with an ultrasound. I haven't heard from my doctor yet, but expecting a call from her on that now, too.  Hopefully (again!) it's nothing and just due to a different place doing/reading the results.

and speaking of doctor visits. This stupid co-pay issue just will not go away.  OMG! No one can do their job. When I talked to the United Healthcare customer service rep yesterday he put me on hold while he called my dr. office to get the information necessary to update the provider from a specialist to a primary care provider. He said he needed their tax ID # and that they asked him to call back in an hour and then he'd call me back. Of course he never did. I get another email letter from the main billing dept that this is my last notice of late bill. I just called back my insurance company to follow up on yesterday's call. Of course it's a call center in India or somewhere. I can barely hear the guy due to all his background noise. He wants me to explain the whole thing again. I said don't you have notes from my call yesterday? I ended up having to start over, explaining the whole thing. He says "your copay was processed correctly, if you have an issue with it you'll need to file an appeal" OMG.  Yes, it was processed at $50 because you still have the provider listed as a specialist and she has not been a specialist since 2016. I again explained that the guy I talked to yesterday put me on hold, while he called my providers office to get the information he needed to change her to a primary care type of provider. I said don't you have notes in there from all this that just happened yesterday? Nope. I hung up on him.

I then called my doctor office and asked to speak to the office manager. The girl that answered asked what it was in reference to, so I explained again. She said she was the one who talked to the United Healthcare guy yesterday and she told him they don't give that out over the phone and he'd have to fax a request in (that's not what he told me) and she has never received a faxed request yet. I told her I am tired of trying to resolve this. I have been trying for 6 months now and no one will get it fixed with the insurance company. Only her office can fix it with the insurance company, not me. She said she will talk with the office manager and they will get this fixed. I said I had hoped to continue with this doctor as my provider, but if I'm going to be charged a $50 co pay every time I see her, I'll have to find a new doctor. I used to work in a doctor billing office. Whenever we had a new physician who's credentialing was still being updated with certain insurance companies, we just had to bill under one of the other physicians in the practice, until it was updated.

So frustrating!


  1. Oh lord! That $50 copay business is ridiculous. It's bad enough having to call, repeatedly, and nothing gets accomplished. So frustrating.
    Don't fret about the retesting on the mammogram. It's better to safe than sorry. I have my own personal experience with that. I'll share if needed.
    You are really stressed out and that is not a good thing.
    Take care,

    1. my neighbor across street just went thru same thing a couple months ago. She had to get retested on her mammogram and everything was fine. Hers was due to she lost quite a bit of weight since last mammo and so it looked different than priors.

  2. Oh my. That kind of frustration is the worst. It is crazy that the doctors office can't straighten this out, even if by simply writing it off.

    I went through the same thing two years ago with my mammogram. My mom had breast cancer twice which only added to my worry. Everything turned out fine and I pray yours does too.

    1. I'm sure that was scary, since your mom had breast cancer. Glad it was all fine!

  3. I had to be retested 7 times as I sat there and waited for each one to be reviewed. That was 13 years ago and nothing is resolved!

    Don't you just hate it when you have to repeat yourself and no one has made any notes about previous calls. You did the right thing to hang up.