Friday, December 18, 2015

Taking care of it ourself

HA! One annoying problem taken care of yesterday. The renters at the end of our street have one of their friends with a pick up truck "run" or "mule" the drugs for them. In and out, in and out. He's been a problem for over a year. Last year DH even drove over to the alternative high school to see if his truck was parked there and it was. Then summer we didn't see him around. Then he was back a bit and then when renters son went into rehab for 2 months he didn't come around. He's been back now that renters son is back and this week he has been on full speed. Wednesday he was in and out of our private little road no less than 15 times. Around midnight DH could see him parked on the street around the corner, obviously waiting for his next job.

He calls the sheriff and miracle of miracles (that's twice this week) three cop cars show up in like 10 minutes and talked to him for awhile. We found out later that since they couldn't visually see any drugs or anything suspicious they didn't have probable cause to search him (gee...don't you think the fact that he doesn't live in our neighborhood, drives around it literally all day/night to the known drug houses isn't probable cause/suspicious?) Anyhow, after that he left the neighborhood and didn't show back up - until yesterday afternoon where he decided to be tough guy (cuz they all know DH is the one calling the sheriff) and do a burn out in front of our place. DH calls the sheriff again. They say they will be out as soon as they can. We've known this kids name for quite awhile now and also were told (by slumlandlord) that is mom owns 'such and such' business in town". So, she was pretty easy to find, so DH looks up the number and calls her. She knows all about what is going on. She has been trying to keep her son away from renter's kid since they met at the alternative high school. We know renters son went to rehab for stealing a car.....turns out it was her other's son's car he stole, as well as her credit cards! Her son went to rehab and got straight for awhile (so that's why he was gone for a few months) but she thinks he might be using again. DH said, well I don't know about using but he's hanging out with users and he's definitely running drugs for them. She said oh I know - they are using my truck to transport drugs. She was about in tears (and DH wasn't mean or nasty to her). She said the truck is hers and dh said why don't you report it as stolen to the sheriff? she said she tried but they won't go get it. She said she got into a fight with him Saturday morning and hasn't seen him since. DH told her he is here right now, call the sheriff and she was like "I don't want him to go to jail, blah blah". DH said, I understand that but I'm sick and tired of him being MY problem. The sheriff are going to be coming out, so either you come and get your truck back or he's going to deal with the sheriff again. A little bit later she sent her other son and one of his friends. The drove slow down our street and parked in good neighbors driveway (kind of hidden from the renter's house/culdesac) and snuck up to look around the end of his fence. They obviously had a spare set of keys and one of them jumped in the truck and took off. DH said he waved and gave them a thumbs up as they left.

At least we'll have some peace and quiet for a little while......until his enabling mom caves to his crying and whining that he will be good and gives him back the truck. He's 18 now, so if he gets caught it's no more juvie time. He's just a rich punk kid, who these lowlife neighbors use because he has a vehicle and money from his mom. His Facebook profile is of him and his girlfriend flipping the camera off. The posts are all drug related. Some picture/meme of smoking pot. Most of the rest are about getting high. He might have to live at the renters now, but at least he'll have to be on foot. haha.

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