Monday, December 28, 2015


During my Christmas/New Year's vacation a year ago I started cleaning out DS's bedroom (so I could make it into my office). I didn't get very far last year. Only managed to get everything in boxes, which DH moved out to the garage. The room and desktop got filled up with all the extra trophies (of DS's) that were out in our family room. It was just a cluttered mess still and putting all his belongings in boxes was so depressing I just basically shut the door and gave up finishing the project.

DH had some energy yesterday and wanted to accomplish something. We know there are things we will have to do to spruce up the house, mainly just staging/decluttering type stuff. He suggested we start with that bedroom. There was nothing in the closet except a small-ish book case, so we took that out and filled the closet with as many of the trophies as we could (anywhere from 2-6 ft tall). DD's bedroom is fairly well empty (since she moved most of it to her apartment) so we had half her closet available to hide the rest. We took everything out of the room (except bed frame) and today I will get started on repainting the room. Today I just plan to tape it off and fill all the bazillion holes, go buy some paint and supplies and paint it tomorrow.

There was a decent oak desk in there, so once painted, we'll move that back in and I will set up my office in there.  We will dismantle the actual cubicle style desk I have set up (for a few years now) in one corner of our large family room. Getting rid of that will help make the family room look much better. DH may end up moving his large cherrywood desk pieces to make the room look less over crowded. With all the looking at homes online, he has learned how much staging makes a difference in how someone likes a home. Our modem is in this corner of the family room, so I plan to repaint the small bookshelf (it was painted blue and red years ago, for DS's toddler bedroom) and put it in this corner. Maybe pick up a chair and make this corner look like a comfy reading nook corner.

We also need to put a door on our master bedroom closet. It broke years ago and DH just never replaced it. I am going to pick that up today, along with some quarter round trim that needs to be replaced there and some other interior doorways.

I was going to have Goodwill come and pick up the bed, dresser and nightstand but DH couldn't do that yet. He says "what if DS comes home and needs somewhere to sleep?" So, we agreed to keep it until we move. Besides, it's the cat's favorite daytime sleeping spot and he's freaking out right this minute that his bed isn't available!

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  1. I think you are so right to "stage" your home. It makes so much sense. I had a friend come out from England and he just looked round my place and said "you've got so much stuff" - and it stuck with me. I guess seeing it from an outsider's view. To be fair, I did have my son and his gf's junk plus my ex's junk/furniture that he just abandoned, but still I became very aware of how overpowering it was. Good luck with selling up and getting out of there. Anna