Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Just the usual

Not much happening around here. Just busy this week getting work stuff done, so I don't have to worry about anything during my 2 weeks off. Year end payroll, state business tax filed, etc.

DH went to another county council meeting yesterday. Thankfully I didn't have to go with him. He's been downtown to that place enough the past several months that he now feels comfortable enough to handle it on his own. Plus, I knew this was going to be a really long meeting and I had no desire to sit there for 3 hours. It started at 3pm and I think it went like 3 1/2 hours. It's televised live on a cable channel, so I got to watch most of it. There sure are alot of idiots out there in the world, including a couple of the council members.

So while DH is in the middle of this meeting (to remind them we are STILL dealing with this CRAP), I'm sitting in our living room with the dogs, watching on tv, we hear this loud bang noise. The dogs immediately start barking and going to the window. I'm trying to look outside to see what's going on and hear a whole bunch of yelling and then see on person outside the street in front of our house. There is a whole bunch of loud yelling going on. I grab the cordless phone and call 911 and start walking out the front (I was just planning on staying on our porch but I needed to hear and see better what was going on) and I hear our good neighbor out in front of his house saying loudly "another great night in the hood", so I walked over to the fence between us, while I'm giving the 911 operator as much info as I can. It all lasted 2-3 minutes and then was over. I was amazed that the police actually showed up in about 25 minutes. That is a record for them (average is 2-3 hours, if at all). They pulled into the culdesac, got out and talked for about 1 minute to someone outside the house and left.

Later I figured out how to replay our security camera video to see if I can see all what went on. A car pulls down our street and slams on it's brakes right in front of good neighbors driveway. Someone quickly gets out the drivers side back door and slams the door (must be the noise we heard) and starts walking back out out street. Another gets out the other side but then gets back in and the car pulls forward into the culdesac. Then all the yelling must have been happening and the guy who was walking out of our street is seen walking back in. He gets to the front of our gate and takes off at a dead run toward one of the guys standing in the culdesac, who starts to run away. More yelling. By this time I (and good neighbor) were outside and just hearing a bunch of "F-you's" "Get the F-out of hear". Good neighbor said one of them also said "you brought it on yourself". Then the guy starts walking out of our street again. When he gets out of sight you hear him let out this big scream. These people are all total lowlife SCUM.

In the meantime, one of the liberal council members (after the meeting) is just telling DH to "just put up some signs- that will make them all go away...... ". DH told her we were naive and tried that 2 1/2 years ago, when this first all started, and they just ripped them down and threw them in our yard.  So then she says "oh...well just keep trying". PUKE! Watching her at the council meetings makes me about as sick as watching Hillary on tv. One of the other very liberal council members has had 2 DUI's and apparently should have had a 3rd but the cops let him go because of "who he is". Honestly, I'm to the point I don't even know why we are trying to get help from these people.

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