Thursday, December 3, 2015

A little victory

DH and 3 guys from the other neighborhood went to the hearing this morning. Long story short - judge denied bail reduction! It appears that their showing up is what made the judge deny it. The prosecutor asked the judge for one of the neighbors to be able to speak against the bail being lowered and the defense attorney threw a fit and said "are these people VICTIMS?". The judge granted her that, but promptly then said "bail reduction denied". I guess Mr. Lowlife and his dad were mighty surprised because they and their attorney assumed it was a done deal when they walked in there. HA!
The judge did allow the prosecutor to read this guys very lengthy criminal record, including 4 Failure to Appears. Afterwards she told DH and the other guys that he will mostly be going to prison for at least a year. He now has a jury trial scheduled for first of the year, but most likely will plea out soon.

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