Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekend recap

We had a busy couple of days. DS made a very quick trip home. He was here all but 36 hours and I think I got to see him maybe 3 hours, at the most.  DH got a few more hours with him. All in all it was kind of a frustrating time.  He did finally return some of our racing property, but since we now have no race trailer (he sold it!) he had to borrow a small open type car trailer to get some of the stuff home.  He is a PIG! Hate to say it about my own kid, but he is a total slob.  The old SUV/truck we have been letting him use the past 15 months is a total pigsty.  He's wrecked it on both ends (apparently trying to miss hitting a moose in Canada) but didn't bother telling us. It wasn't a brand new vehicle (we bought it used for $5000, an old railroad fleet vehicle) but it was in straight shape and clean inside and out. It's filthy inside and out now. All the stuff he did manage to get back here is dirty........and he knows DH keeps his stuff really clean! The example that was always set for him growing up is that when we borrow something from someone we give it back in better shape than we got it! It was all very disappointing and we feel very disrespected at this point.  DH and I worked VERY hard to earn the money to buy all that stuff over the past 8 years and it's all just a bunch of junk now. The only bright note in all of this is he is at least out of Canada and we don't have to worry about the possibility of never seeing our stuff again.  Where he is headed with his life, I don't know, but he isn't going to get far with his laziness, slobbery, and total lack of money management. He's a computer whiz and he's out doing odd jobs to earn money.

The good that came out of this trip is that they guy he is staying with and working for (he came too, and is a nice guy, from what we could tell in the short visit time) bought out everything that was left out of the racing shop of our dear friend that passed away a few years ago. DH has been slowly selling stuff for his widow over the past 2 years and it would have taken him at least another 2 years (he just doesn't have the physical energy to do it very fast). It is all gone and done with. He never has to go to that disorganized place again! I could write pages to describe that place (every time DH would go down and try to get all the parts and stuff organized and make some room to actually move around in the shop, his widow and her adult son would stuff more of their crap in there and move what he just organized!).  You don't know how happy this makes me that DH is done having this deathbed promise he made done with! It was just too much and too stressful for him.

And at least DS did take some time to stop and see his sister at college on his way back "home".

On another good note, DH cleaned out my vacuum the other day and now it works great again. It was very clogged and had stopped having much suction. Yay!

DD has signed up for Amazon Student Prime.  Supposed to be 6 months trial and then $49 for a year. I was wondering why we were able to get the Instant video's, as I thought I read that didn't come with the trial student version. So, I have been happily watching Downton Abbey episodes this past month. Yesterday, I noticed on her checking account online (it's linked with mine) that she got charged $99 for Amazon Prime! She called and somehow she got signed up for that (1 mo trial) and not the student version. (no wonder I was able to watch instant video). She called and got it cleared up and they switched her to Student trial version and removed her $99 charge. But then I lost being able to watch Downton Abbey! OH THE HORROR! I was in withdrawals within minutes! I wasn't waiting 5 more months for her trial version to be up to be able to finish watching it all (I'm just on the end of season 3). So, I logged in, paid the $49 fee for her, and got my Downton Abbey back! LOL

Not sure what I'm doing the rest of today.  Probably cleaning the bbq grill and putting it in the shed.  DH is outside with his handy dandy backpack leaf blower going around the property cleaning up leaves. We had a bit of a wind/rain storm yesterday. Oh, and I'm sure I'll watch at least one episode of Downton Abbey :)

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