Thursday, October 2, 2014

September's savings total

I kept track again of coupons I used, gift cards earned, money saved on purchasing discounted gift cards, my 1% debit card cash back and Walmart Savings Catcher money earned back.  September's total was $151.21  Not as high as last month, but still awesome in my book.  $25 of it was an Amazon gift card through work, which was a one time thing. I had the most I've ever had in Debit Rewards - $30.96. 

I've been a bit lax on getting Swagbucks points the past couple of weeks, or I would have had more. Sometimes I just need a break from trying to do daily surveys!

I think I might change the type of discounted Walmart gift cards I've been getting. The discount is not a whole lot (around 3 - 3.5%) but if you figure I spend approximately $150 a week on groceries and everything else at Walmart, it adds up to almost $250 a year in savings. BUT, the printable e-gift cards I have been purchasing are a pain to use at Walmart. Not sure if it's because of the amount (usually over $100) or just the type they are but they require a CSM to come to the register to override for approval.  This can take anywhere up to several minutes to get a CSM to come over and holds up the line behind me. Last time I went early on a Saturday morning, thinking ok, they won't be busy (as compared to shopping Friday afternoon) and a CSM will be available and not hold up a line. Nah, didn't happen then either.  Last week it took forever for the CSM to come and the lady behind me was like "what is the problem?! Why are we waiting?!" - practically in my face.

So, I think I'll try to just buy actual physical cards that are discounted. I'll have to wait for them to arrive in the mail, but I'm tired of the CSM waiting game and holding up the line.  Even when I warn the checker right at the start, that she'll need to call over a CSM to approve/override it, they never believe me! Then act all surprised when they can't get the e-gift card to scan through without an override.

Well, off to do a Swagbucks survey........


  1. I hate to burst your bubble but I purchase the physical gift cards and about 75% of the time they will not scan and the CSM has to override it. Very frustrating! My hubby has told me not to purchase WalMart cards anymore because the hassle isn't worth it to him-sigh.

    1. Darn! thanks for the heads up though. The only physical cards I could find were 2% and I'm not sure that worth it, either! I've even tried making sure I go to the checkout line that is right across from Customer Service (as that's where the CSM always comes from) but I still end up holding up the line :/