Saturday, October 25, 2014

Target deal

I got myself to Target today to get in on the last day of the buy $15 in personal care products and get a $5 gift card back. DH uses SpeedStick deordorant and I also had buy one get one free coupons. I purchased 4, got 2 free and a $5 gift card! $7.98 for 4 sticks of deodorant and a $5 gift card. Good deal in my book.

I was also there to pick up some Dawn dish soap for DH (car/parts washing) and there was a deal for a $5 gift card if you bought Dawn and Cascade dishwasher tabs, so since I needed the Dawn anyway and can certainly use the dishwasher tabs, I got those and another $5 gift card.

No problems using coupons there the last couple of times I have been there. I make sure that crabby cashier isn't there (she hasn't been) and picked the line both times of the super sweet and friendly cashier who is there most times :-)


  1. I did the Target deal last week too. DD has very long, thick curly hair and uses John Freida Dream Curls Conditioner. Was able to get her 3 with 30% extra product. I should have done the deal twice since she goes through so much of it. Glad you didn't have to deal with crabbie cashier. Had one of those at the grocery store the other day-ugh!